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It’s not secret, I absolutely love Lush. Their products are divine despite the price tag, and I always celebrate for days when a delivery arrives. For those of you who’ve not experienced Lush, Lush is an Australian company who ethically sources all their ingredients to make gorgeous handmade products which range from makeup to soap and everything in between. They don’t test on animals either which is a total bonus.

Today, I’m going to be talking about a few of my favourite products, basically those I have on hand, I tend to run out easily because they get a high amount of use, and hopefully I have a bit of a variety. to show you today

1. Helping Hands

This has been a miracle for my hands, I got it in a Christmas gift pack last year as a 45g pump bottle. I work in an environment which requires the constant washing of hands and they tend to get dry because of this, this product has changed that. It’s soothed and helped smooth out the dryness in my skin, and it has a really interesting scent as well, it’s nice – it sort of reminds me of a nice cup of green tea, actually.

My one complaint is how thick the product is, I tend to lean towards thin moisturizers that aren’t thick in nature as I tend to associate the thickness of a moisturizer which it being sticky, and this sort of is until it dries, then you wouldn’t even know it’s there. It’s a small thing, but it’s something I’ve gotten used to and it’s made a world of difference particularly over winter!

2. Ocean Salt

I literally cannot say enough good things about Ocean Salt. Like, I literally can’t even.

It smells like a cocktail, on your face – which is probably explained by the vodka it contains, and the way it cleanses the skin is amazing. This is my absolute favourite Lush product, even moreso than the RockStar Soap which I will talk about until I run out of breath. This is it for me, this is the ultimate face scrub, and unless they stop making it – that’s not going to change any time soon.

I actually don’t use it on the rest of my body (which you can do), only on my face and I use it when I shower at the end of the day to get my makeup off. All I do is wet my face, scrub some on, leave it for 5 or so minutes while I shower then rinse it off. The one thing I wouldn’t recommend it for is around the eyes, salt + limes + vodka + eyes = a really bad time, I use a separate product for eye makeup removal. But aside from this, the feeling it gives at the end, is unbelievable. My skin is fresh, clearer than it has been in years and it’s helping reduce the redness in my skin.

This is the one product I can’t live without.

3. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

It lives in my handbag, do I need to say anything more? It’s another Lush essential, particularly if you struggle with dry lips. It scrubs away the dry skin, and it’s been particularly good for me before applying lipstick. It allows me to get a smoother, more even coverage, and to top it off it tastes delicious.

4. Rub Rub Rub

This one is a little different. It’s like a shower gel, crossed with a light scrub, crossed with a soap, crossed with a cleanser. It’s a little different that’s for sure. It’s gentle on the skin and leaves you feeling super clean and fresh, this and I find you actually need very little in order to cover your entire body with the goodness. The scent is a another bonus, as it is with most of Lush’s products, it’s a light and really refreshing citrus type scent and it’s something I happily use daily.

5. Retread

I’ve been destroying my hair for years. It’s been red, it’s been orange, it’s been brown, it’s been blonde and then I cut it all off and decided to start again. This has been amazing in helping restore what little of the ends I have left to their former health. It says it’s a conditioner, but I’d say it’s more of a mask. I leave it in for 10 or so minutes for maximum effect and it leaves my hair so hydrated and healthy when I’m done. I alternate it with other Lush conditioners when I have then, but my favourite thing about this product is that I’ve been able to say goodbye to the frizz of my curly hair thanks to Retread!

6. Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar

Shampoo. In. A. Bar. Like. Soap. But. Shampoo.

Do I need to say anything more? Yes? Okay, the best thing is that it leaves the hair super clean, it has a great cleansing effect, and to top it off, you need very little. The bar pictured I’ve had and have been using for about 2 months now. It’s hardly shrunk in size at all. It’s perfect for travelling, and it’s amazingly inexpensive. I love it so much. It would be yet another Lush essential.

So there you have it, my favourite Lush products of the moment. Others I love include the RockStar Soap, Soap of Sultana, Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner – I’m hoping to getting around to reviewing these at some point so if you like Lush be on the lookout for that! But if you see a Lush store and have never ventured into one before, do it. It’ll change the way you think about beauty products forever, I know it did for me!

Have a lovely day!

x ac


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