Let’s Talk Lashes


There are two really annoying things about fake eyelashes, the price and the application. While the application is something that’s overcome with a little practice and a steady hand, the price isn’t something that’s quick to overcome, I think the cheapest I’ve seen them was for about $2.80 for a couple of pairs from Daiso. The pair I bought weren’t particularly natural but they got the job done. For the first time a few weeks ago I tried something a friend suggested to me, I hopped on eBay, and searched false eyelashes and my god, was I freaking surprised. I was expecting a really small range for roughly the same price, but for $1 or $2 you can pick up 10 pairs in a pack with free postage.

Seeing this, I went a little crazy, and bought 40 or so lashes for approximately $9AUD. They arrived about a week and a half later to my surprise in pretty good condition considering they come in small cardboard boxes. Only one had sustained a little damage on the journey, and all the lashes remained perfect, it was just external damage. I bought 2 pairs of a thicker set called 1088. These I was hoping I could use for going out, pole dancing performance nights etc. these tended to be quite thick and quite obvious (like I mean it’s obvious you’ve got them on) when applied, but that’s exactly what I was hoping for. They’re quite soft, and incredibly long so I had to trim them down a little, but they’re easily shaped and with a little glue applied like any other lashes I’ve bought before.

The second lot were two pairs of #217’s, these are my natural lashes. These are the ones I could wear if I was doing a tour or something important for university so I didn’t have to look like I’d burnt all my lashes off in some sort of accident a few days earlier. They’re long, and with a quick coat of mascara they look really nice and blend in beautifully. Again, they were really long, and I had to trim them down, but that, in my opinion is better than them being too short because you can’t fix that problem with a pair of scissors and some glue. This set is handmade, and oh my goodness – they are so soft! They are really lovely when applied and I have absolutely no complaints about them, particularly because they look so lovely, almost like I’ve had extensions applied recently. I’m really happy with both of  these purchases.

As you can see in the picture above, I have a little pink eyelash case. I take this with me if I’m travelling because a.) It’s compact and easy to store, b.) It’s strong and my lashes won’t get damaged and my glue won’t pour out everywhere and c.) I can keep so many pairs in it. I got this case for $2.80 AUD from Daiso. It’s got a slot for tweezers, I keep my glue in another, off cuts in another section and pairs I’ve cut out of the full lash kits in the other two sections. In total, I carry around about 12 pairs of lashes in this kit at any one time and given a little preparation, it’s not cost me all that much to set up. I’m even using a fairly cheap Kmart glue at the moment which I was told stays on – and it truly does. It was the most expensive thing in this kit at around $4.

So, if you’e new to the world of eyelashes, and looking for something to try that isn’t going to set you back financially for weeks to come, it might be worth checking out eBay. If you’re not keen on the online shopping. Diaso. Daiso. Daiso. Daiso. $2.80 a pair. How could you go wrong?

Have a lovely day,
x ac


One thought on “Let’s Talk Lashes

  1. Emily says:

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    I hope that it is helpful in your lash discussions…. 🙂


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