Face of Australia – Dark Side Nail Enamel Review


You’ll remember these characters from your childhood, inspired by the most evil villains of all time, the collection features eight positively wicked shades.” I did exactly that as today, I’ll be reviewing the Face of Australia Dark Side Nail Enamel in the shade ‘Voldemort’, and I swear the first time I picked up that glittery bottle of darkness I couldn’t comprehend how they’d based a shade on Lord Voldemort and decided to make it into a glittery topcoat. Then I remembered seeing this:


And suddenly, it all made sense to me, well, it didn’t but I didn’t mind it so much anymore because it’s clearly a novelty item and I guess that’s kind of cool. I’m sure they’re still selling enough books, DVD’s and theme park tickets to support everyone involved in the franchise until they die without having to be looking to make a few extra dollars on nail enamel sales by lending the villains name to a cosmetics company but hey, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing they’ve put the brand on and attempted to sell and trust me, I would know. I have a shelf full of these things. 

All that aside; I love it. Both of them. I love Harry Potter and I love this nail polish. Like it says, it’s a topcoat, it works amazingly with a nice dark base beneath it and I tend to find myself using Face of Australia’s Colour Pro Nail Enamel in ‘Scream’ when I need a dark base. It’s quick drying, more so than my OPI polishes, and it only takes one well applied layer to do the trick. The best thing is, even if the coat is a little thin there are dark speckles in the Voldemort topcoat to smooth things over a little, either that, or position all of your beautiful teal speckles strategically.

I have a few complaints about the polish of course, it wouldn’t be a complete review if I wasn’t to share them. I have found in my two or three months of using this that it’s a little thick, but I tend to find any polish with a glittery effect is. It can be a little hard to apply it evenly because of its thickness, and the worst part for me would be a coat that has very few dark speckles in it – and it happens, believe me, it results in a sad looking nail. Two or three coats should be what your aiming for with this one to get decent speckle-age across your nails, one layer just really doesn’t seem to do the polish any sort of justice.

It has a rather odd finish, so I highly recommend a nice smooth top coat over this one but I have found it doesn’t chip all that easily which is a nice bonus. It’s also, surprisingly difficult to remove at times. Those speckles stick to everything, and that’s not a lie. I use one of the Be Yourself ‘Dip & Twist’ express nail polish removers and this is the first polish it’s almost been defeated by. Overall, I would have to say that it’s one of my favourite ‘effects’ topcoats, it’s different, the colour is gorgeous, it’s the sort of thing you wear and people always ask about: “How did you stick all those dots on?” etc. The range is also quite extensive – covering pretty much all the villains I loved to hate as a child. So, if you’re near a Priceline drop in and take a look, I know I picked this one up for $4.95 and it’s certainly had good use so far so no complaints about the price from me! I can’t wait to try all of the others in this range!

If you have any nail enamels you want me to test out and review, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to get my hands on them!

x ac


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