Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Today, I’ll be talking mirrors, and seeing as it’s featured in a few of my photos I’m going to talking about the one I’ve got set up in my room. It’s essentially a two in one. It’s a mirror, and it’s a jewelry cabinet which also lends itself nicely to my storage problems. I got this one for my birthday last year, and I believe it was purchased on eBay. Assembly wise, it’s pretty easy to put together, it’s a few screws and it’s all done. But of course, if you’re like me and lack more than the few essential tools usually required for assembly a fairly blunt knife will also do an appropriate job minding that you don’t cut yourself of course.  Once assembled it sits about 150cm tall, at least mine does. It’s white with a mirror on the front and a locked cabinet that can be accessed at the side is situated behind it.

The standard is there being a large number of hooks inside them for necklaces, slots for bracelets, slots for earring pairs to slide into, ring holders and generally a couple of sets of drawers or something similar. While mine lacks drawers it’s never been a big problem. I generally keep everything fairly organised in there anyway. I use the longest of the spaces for body chains and long necklaces, and generally work my way down from there. It’s a really efficient way of organizing things that isn’t necessarily going to take up a large space in your room, or take a huge chunk out of your wallet. The best thing about it is that you can see everything you’ve got so that you can best decide what will match your outfit of the day. It’s also easily locked to keep the hands of housemates or little sisters away from your precious jewelry.

That being said, a large portion of my collection isn’t of great value. Most items were purchased from Lovisa, Colette, Kmart or Diva. There’s a few eBay gems in there too. If you’re looking for a crystal necklace or ring look no further than eBay! What I really love the most about these mirrors is they are stylish – even though it seems like every second person seems to own one, they fit nicely into a room of any size and any shape, they are compact and out of the way – and most importantly they keep what would usually be a really big mess on my part – there are rings everywhere, I swear – contained to the one space and what’s not to love about that? They’re also really easy to customise to your liking, I know I’ve seen the mirror replaced with a chalkboard, and mine has ivy hot glued around the edges. It’s really up to you and how far you’re willing to push your creativity!

Got any more clever storage solutions you think I should take a bit of a crack at, or any questions about these mirrors? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

x ac


2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror On The Wall

    • acbeauty says:

      They are a lifesaver I swear! I used to lose all my earrings before I got it! I only wish there were one that stored makeup in the same sort of way!

      Thanks for the comment!
      x ac


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