Does This Thing Really Work – Fake Lash Build Up


I’ve done a late night, mid-study session Kmart run to find something so ridiculous that it just might work to share with you all today. That thing comes in the form of Academy of Colour’s Fake Lash Build Up mascara kit, thing. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be. I’d never even heard of the brand before stumbling through the aisles at 1am looking for fun things to try. So here’s a quick overview of this product, or what I know of it: It retails at Kmart as far as I know pretty much everywhere in Australia for $5. It’s from a brand I’d never heard of and there’s two things in the box and a couple of instructions on the side. Really, what could go wrong? Well, with a mascara that costs $5, a lot I guess, but I don’t have the sort of money to pay for expensive eyelash extensions, so if this works we are literally sitting on the answer to cheap, fuller looking eyelashes.

The Packaging:

It’s a nice enough packet I guess. Black and gold. It apparently has new fake lash fibres, that’s always nice. The instructions say that the first step is to apply a base coat of the mascara, to then follow it by applying the fibres as if they’re mascara (I have no idea what the hell that means) then to finish the whole thing off with another coat of mascara once it’s all dry. Cool. That seems easy enough once I figure out how to attach the fibres which appear to be in a fairly similar tube to the mascara which I’m hoping aren’t individual lashes I sure as hell don’t have time to be applying fake individual lashes, if I did I’d just do that.

The Mascara:

It applies nice enough I guess, nothing special, certainly not the quality you’d get from Maybelline’s The Falsies or something of that nature. The wand is actually the most annoying aspect of this, it’s more of what you’d expect for an eyebrow spoolie, actually I’m pretty sure if this fails I will use it as a spoolie because that’s exactly what it looks like. I like defined bristles so that they can grab onto each individual lash and this just doesn’t do that for me.

The Fibres:

Okay, opening it up these fibres are almost a what I would call a dark fluff – kind of like if you rip up a cotton ball and it leaves little bits of fluff all over the place, that’s what I would liken this to. They too are on a spoolie like object because according to the instructions you apparently just apply them like the mascara. (I was worried it was a tub of individual lashes right up until I opened it.) They’re quite soft and thin and I’m a little worried at this stage that they’re going to make a mess because there’s a bit of fall out on my hand from where I opened it, we’ll see!

The Verdict:


This thing, kind of works! As you can see above, the eye with the product used fully does appear more full and quite a bit thicker than the eye without the full product applied. For every coat I did, I applied a coat of the mascara to the eye without the fibres, just to ensure it wasn’t caused by a mascara build up. Overall, I’m going to have to say there is an aspect of this really odd product that actually works. I wouldn’t use it every day, I was right about the fall out, it was absolutely everywhere, so if I were to use this, I’d be applying it first followed by everything else which is slightly annoying, but the things we do for beauty, hey?

Overall, I’d say it’s the sort of thing that’s worth a try if you have a spare $5 and you’re not expecting anything fantastic. I wouldn’t rush out and buy it. It’s not a must have, but with a little more fine tuning I think the idea has real merit, particularly seeing as it worked, just not to the extent shown in the little cartoon on the box.

Got something you want me to try? Let me know in the comments below!

x ac



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