Academy of Colour – Apple Gloss Scented Nail Polish Review


I have a problem, a very serious, hoarding type of problem. It’s generally started in the nail polish aisle of any store, it can be something as small as a single stand, or it can be a single bottle out of place somewhere around the store like the shoe aisle. If I see nail polish, I have to buy it and try it. It’s probably the reason I have such a hideously large collection at this very early point in my life and I’m not even a little bit ashamed. Not even a tiny bit. In fact there’s a colour for every occasion and that’s not exactly a problem. Although, thinking closely about it, I don’t know whether there is an occasion for this product, or even a correct time in which to wear it. I have no idea as I sit here typing up this blog at a McDonalds, in another city, watching jealously as the woman on the seat nearby applies one of the Lime Crime polishes I have been dying to try, that there is no time for the shade I’m discussing today. It might a bit of a spring thing. It might be a bit of an autumn thing. All I know is having apple scented bright green nails with apple art on them is more than a little hard to pair up with an outfit.

Today I’ll be talking about Academy of Colour’s Apple Gloss Scented Nail Polish. It’s a surprisingly cheap kit, $3 AUD for everything you see there. From Kmart, of course. I actually found it with the lash build up product I featured a little earlier in the week, and I fell in love with the cute box, and that of three other nail products from the same brand that I also purchased because how could I not? I don’t think I’ve ever had scented nails before, it’s not something I exactly set out to find in a nail polish, but it something I’ve found myself looking at today as I sit here regardless. I applied it last night and I have to say I have my doubts about this one. The polish is very bright, however it applies thinly and it takes a good few coats to see any real results. That and I wasn’t sure what part was apple scented and made the mistake of almost inhaling one of the apple decals trying to figure out if they were scented or not. The polish, while wet smells like any other polish, once dry the scent is really intense. I probably should have thought about that before I went sniffing little foam stickers.

Moving onto those stickers, you need to apply them to a wet coat of polish, the problem is they don’t stick well. I used to do fruit salad nails for summer with similar stickers, however they tended to have a sticky backing to help them glue to the nails. They stayed on these fell off at the first bump which was a shame considering they were really the only thing about this product that I really liked aside from the incredibly fast drying time of the polish. When the stickers/decals fall off, they majorly chip the polish, as will anything you bump them into. But then again, as the saying goes: ‘You get what you paid for’, and I did at least get some enjoyment and a good giggle out of this product, and that’s really all I was hoping for. While the polish isn’t great – and the colour was just not for me at all, I love the stickers, and will be using these regularly.

There’s always some good and some bad, and I think that’s going to always be the case. Over the coming couple weeks I’ll be posting about the other three of these kits I purchased, one being a leather look polish, a gel polish (which I’m super keen to try) and the last being a bead embellishment kit. Hopefully these will be up before I travel to India for a month, however no promises! Only promises of some new products to try on my return! Overall, I’d say this would have been more successful if the kit also provided a top coat which I imagined would have extended the life of the stickers, but by just following the instructions on the back I found the overall results were not fantastic. I have to say the packaging was far too cute, how could I not buy it with those little apples all over it.

As always, let me know your thoughts below and have a great weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with a blog about some waxes I’ve been trying and by the looks of it things are going to get a little bit strange!

x ac


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