Lime Crime Velvetine – Wicked – Review


I’m back! Exams unfortunately got the better of my Wednesday post, but hopefully that’s not going to throw off this weekends posting schedule too much – providing I don’t watch all the episodes of Orange is the New Black back to back and just forget. It could happen, my house mate has handed the DVDs over. If all things go well, I’m hoping to have a video tutorial on Sunday so be on the look out for that one! Plus, I think it’s about time I got started the Halloween tutorials!

Before I get around to that, I thought I’d spend this post talking about a product I’ve only mentioned but really haven’t gone into enough detail about – that’s right, today I’ll be talking about one of my favourite Velvetine colours: Wicked. This one is another Lime Crime product that I picked up at a Princess Polly store for $24. I absolutely love it. Really that doesn’t even cover it. I know you’ve seen me mention Australis’ Velour Lips products, and it’s the same principle. A bright colour. Dries on the lips. Totally matte. Just won’t move around like a normal lipstick. It’s perfect for wearing to work and I’m in love with the colour.

So speaking of colour, there’s two Velvetine colours I love by Lime Crime when I really think about it really hard, the first being this one, ‘Wicked’ and the second is one I need to repurchase and it’s called ‘Salem’. They’re both somewhere on the red spectrum, though Wicked is more of a berry colour and Salem is more of a brown. Both are gorgeous and totally wearable. I love them with a pale, completely scaled back look so you can just let the lip colour do all the real makeup and outfit work for the day or night, and really that’s the most glorious thing about these products aside from the fact a single application is all you need: the colour is amazing and it totally speaks for itself. It’s bold and at times, particularly with the black Velvetine, outrageous but at the same time there’s something almost classy about a matte finish.

I think the one piece I can give to you about these would be to exfoliate or scrub your lips prior to using one of these products. They dry completely matte on the lips and the problem with that I have found is they tend to be quite drying themselves, aside from the fact that almost all the dry skin on your lips will show and look at least twenty times worse once this has been applied. I’ve also found any imperfections really impact the finish of this product so that’s why scrubbing is so important. I’ve found Frank works well for this while you’re in the shower, as does Lush’s Lip Scrubs, a little sugar and honey is another alternative if you haven’t got another scrub. You want your lips to be smooth, that’s the main thing.

Once they’re on, they really do stay on. Even with my best efforts, scrubs and a makeup wipe these still have a faint stain on the lips, which says a lot about how well they stay on during the day. I love wearing these out, at least then you don’t have to risk taking them out and losing them if you’re particularly bad at losing lipstick like myself.  With something that dries the importance of a neat application is there, if you mess it up it’s hard to fix once dry but you do have a little time to move them around. Basically, if you do it right, you won’t really have a problem but I find using a lip brush works much better than the sponge applicator that is supplied. Particularly around the edges of my lips. It’s just something I’ve found that works a little better.

So, overall these are amazing, and I wish I could talk about them all day. If you’re looking for something these are really worth the money. Australian’s Princess Polly, Beginning Boutique and Showpo all sell them online, and some store occasionally stock them. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again they’re worth the money and the colour is so gorgeous I can’t really imagine buying anything other than Lime Crime for my lips when I want something bold and unusual particularly seeing as quite a few of their products are Vegan. I’m looking at a couple of colours at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have a few more to talk about in a collection video when I get around to it. But in the mean time, if there’s a Velvetine colour you think I’d like, or you have any questions, put them in the comments section below.

x ac


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