Nair Sugar Wax – Irresistible Toffee Apple


Last week I promised a wax review, I unfortunately found that it’s actually really hard to wax your own legs and film it using your phone at the same time. Actually, I found wax on my phone. Luckily for me, Nair’s Sugar Wax washes away with a little water, and as promised on the box – smells delightfully of toffee apple. I wasn’t even mad. So, I picked this one up from Coles for about $16 on sale a couple of weeks, I actually haven’t waxed my own legs before and only having just had them waxed I’ve had to wait a while to actually give this a try. I pretty much watched every video on YouTube about this product and on the Nair website, I was so freaking worried I was going to rip a layer of skin off by doing it wrong, but after watching a heap of tutorials my mind was eased a little. I mean this wax washes off. It something goes wrong I can stick my leg in the shower and wash the mistake away. That’s appealing.

So, it’s a pretty easy process you open up the wax and peel off the plastic layer and pop it in a 900W microwave for half a minute give it a stir, test it on the back of your wrist to make sure it’s not going to burn you and if it’s all good move to a bathroom. I can see why this product would last a long time too. You only need to use the thinnest layer of wax to produce results. I found you really have to work quite quickly as well, you’ve got a few seconds between applying and placing the actual strips down. You don’t really wanting it drying to your leg with no way of ripping it off after all, well it does wash away but why waste wax? That’s the main problem I had, not working quick enough, perhaps it didn’t heat as well as it could have in my microwave but don’t do what I did, don’t be stopping to double check the instructions half way through because you’re worried you’re doing it wrong.

The other piece of advice I can give is to exfoliate 24 hours in advance. It helps with waxing. If you exfoliate your skin and the wax work much better together than a non-exfoliated skin. Overall, I do really love this product and I’m currently soaking the strips so we’ll see if I can get another use out of some of them. I absolutely love the smell, it actually smells good enough to eat (I would not recommend that though!). I think the big thing here is you are trying a new hair removal product it’s important to always do a skin test. Apply a little to your ankle etc. and come back and check it in a day, if the skin is fine you’re okay to proceed. This is particularly important with hair removal creams such as Veet and Nair. They are the sort of thing so many people’s skin reacts badly too so it’s always important to check.

After all my attempts I did end up with silky legs – I’m a bit of a waxing amateur – and I won’t have to wait long between waxes either, you only need 2mm or so of hair to wax again with this product which is always nice. Everything cleaned up so well as well, it all just rinsed away with a little warm water, perhaps leaving a bit of a pink stain in the case of my stray shower curtain, but I really have no complaints about this product aside from the slight pain of waxing and I’m sure that’s more my fault than the wax’s. I would have liked this product to include some soothing strips, but it didn’t. Luckily I have my own that I picked up in a pharmacy and it’s always been good for after waxing and shaving so I’ve continued to use that. Make sure you pick up something like this – it’s so important for you skin – and keep exfoliating to avoid the nastiness of an ingrown hair!

I wish the video had of worked, it was so funny watching all the footage back again, but I’ll save that for another time. If you have any questions chuck them below and I’ll see you all tomorrow with a Halloween look!

x ac


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