Beauty Abroad: Travel Essentials

The thing that bothers me most about travel is that it often interrupts what would normally be an everyday beauty regime by removing products or making access to them highly limited. My daily concealer use was brought to a grinding halt by me accidentally smashing it on the hotel floor. My LUSH products couldn’t all travel with me and neither could my Nair wax. As a result things have to be accommodated for and changes need to be made. It’s for this reason that I decided to dedicate this post to the travel essentials, those things you so desperately need when travelling not only within your home country but abroad as well that sometimes you just have to suck it up and use despite them not being the first option. This may not be for everyone, but this is what I brought with me in my carry on to make the 19 hours of flying more bearable:

  1. Green Tea Face/Body Wipes (Kmart)
  2. Tissues
  3. Dettol Hand Sanitizer (Coles)
  4. Helping Hands (LUSH)
  5. Mary Kay Face Moisturiser
  6. Nivea Roll on Deodorant
  7. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Flying may be uncomfortable but it doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer. I find wiping everything I’ll touch on the plane down with some Dettol using the tissues helps ease my mind about the hygiene aspect of flying, and every few hours wiping my face with the face wipes and then moisturising keeps my skin fresh. An hour or so before landing a quick trip to the bathroom with the body wipes and fresh deodorant helps make the best of a bad situation, and a quick brushing of the teeth with bottled water help keep me feeling fresh when sleep is almost entirely impossible. When travelling around day to day these items change, I’ve found I carry the following in my bag:

  1. Sunscreen, I use SPF 50+ for my ghost-like complexion
  2. Dettol
  3. Green Tea Face/Body Wipes
  4. Bushman’s DEET (mosquitoes and malaria are an issue in India)
  5. Helping Hands
  6. Translucent Face Powder – I’m using a cheap one I picked up at Kmart and one of my older brushes

I start the day with sunscreen, then DEET because I’m allergic to mosquitoes but after applying my makeup the only touch-ups I’ve been finding are necessary is a little translucent powder around the nose. I always try and applying Helping Hands after Dettol as it’s drying my skin and severely reducing the life of my Mehndi and the wipes have been amazing for a quick wipe at the back of my neck between media visits. Overall, it’s about staying fresh and clean in unfamiliar environments and this is how I have been managing it. I’m heading out shopping tomorrow and I’ve got my eye on some makeup products I’ve been seeing advertised and can’t wait to show you all!

x ac


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