Going Crazy in the Duty Free


I loved India – I loved the people, the places, the colour and the humbling experiences I had in this beautiful country. I was invited in as a complete stranger from a foreign country with little to no ability to speak Hindi by so many people to share their meals and stories and for this I am eternally grateful and have been so very humbled. I thought I was going to die in an auto rickshaw a number of times, ate food where often I was unsure of the contents and experienced a culture like no other in all it’s glory in such a short space of time and while I was sad to leave I experienced a strange and incredible rush of excitement knowing I was going to pass through the Duty Free where I would be able to purchase amazing things so cheaply. What’s not to love or get excited about when the words ‘Duty Free’ come up after all?

So what did I buy from MAC for roughly $100AUD?

  1. ProLongwear Foundation in NC15
  2. ProLongwear Concealer in NW15
  3. Lipstick in Heroine
  4. Soft Ocre Paint Pot

While the foundation and the concealer are nothing new, I’m sure you’ve seen me write and talk about them to death on both here and on YouTube, the others are products I’ve only seen written and talked about, never actually tried and so they seemed like the sort of thing I wanted to take a bit of a leap with. To start with the Paint Pot, I love it. I believe I saw it on YouTube about a year ago and I was fascinated by this cream eyeshadow that could be a base as well and of course I doubted it. One application and I’m considering throwing away my beloved Australis Primer. It’s that good. What I love is the creamy nature of the application which then I suppose I would say it dries or sets and that makes it the perfect base. It evens out of my complexion and hides the dark circles around my eyes making lighter shades more vibrant and less dulled by my dark eyelids. What I also loved was that so little of the product was needed. I have seen the complaint that it’s hard to work with, but I really didn’t find that at all. Overall I couldn’t find anything at all I would have changed about it and have been using it daily for the past few days and finding it stays where I put it which is always a bonus.

The second product is the lipstick in the shade ‘Heroine’. I’ve seen this being talked about everywhere. The thing is despite this, I have a couple of mixed feelings about this one. While I love the creamy consistency, I’m not convinced about the colour and while I like it enough to add it to the regular lipstick rotations it’s the colour that concerns me. It’s similar to a few I’ve already got, in particular it seems like (when I wear it) that it’s a lighter, slightly more red, more purple-type shade almost comparable to Lime Crime’s ‘Poisonberry’. It’s one of those products that’s going to take a bit of getting used to. It matches my wardrobe and style for sure, I’m just not sure it’s entirely as perfect as I believed it would be. Then again, that’s what I get for not trying before buying and just taking a leap of faith. We’ll see if it grows on me like my brows have literally been growing all over my face in preparation for tomorrows Benefit Brow Bar experience. I’m taking my best friend and beautiful YouTuber, Steph so expect a vlog in the next few days!

To conclude today’s post, I leave you with a select few of my tour snaps which hardly begin to cover the magnificence of this country and the countless life changing experiences I had in my time abroad.

x ac



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