The Benefit Brow Bar Experience


Before I begin, you might have noticed a couple of changes on the blog and I’m hoping they’re not too awful/improve the overall clean and simplistic look I was going for. Basically, it’s all been updated to tie in with the YouTube channel so I can bring you better, more interactive content more regularly. That and it’s actually easier to contact me and all those lovely sort of things that make interacting and blogging more beneficial for everyone involved but if you think something’s not working you know who to contact and how. (Hint hint, the comments below). The vlog embedded at the end of this blog was done in collaboration (and by collaboration I mean she drove with me to Melbourne to come along and risk her perfect brows) with MissSteffiDarling. Her videos are amazing so be sure to check her out on YouTube and let her know how crazily talented she is.

So, to begin I really wanted to give the Benefit Brow Bar a go because my brows have been in a state of chaos for about a year despite attempts to manage them I’ve let them go. They were light and there so many photos on Facebook where it literally looks like I’ve bleached them because they just vanish into the rest of my face and that’s not okay with me. I was looking to get more of an arched shape mostly because I’ve had a really rounded looking shape for some time now and it was time for change. I was also looking to maintain the thickness of my brows, because thin brows are a huge no-no on my face, it just looks like I’m unnaturally interested in everything all of the time and it’s not really the look I’m going for these days.

To deal with the issue of the light eyebrows I had them tinted. This service was $16 and what I really like about it was that the beautician assisting me discussed this with me and allowed me to talk about the colour I hoped to achieve. In the end we went for a chocolate shade to bring everything up to my natural hair colour so that there was less difference between the two. Plus you know, it just generally looks more dramatic and I like that. The eyebrow arch wax should have cost $33 however due to having the ‘Arch You Lucky’ kit with a gift certificate enclosed inside the box with sample sized Benefit products we got the waxes pretty much for free and it all went down like a really standard, hygienic eyebrow wax procedure and I do talk about that more in the blog.

Following the waxing they applied some powder to cover my redness and then helped me make a few decisions about what products I needed in order to maintain the waxing on my own. In the end I went with the Benefit Brow Zings in Light which cost me around $55 AUD. These come with a setting powder, a wax, tweezers, a blending brush and a hard angled brush. I spent some time playing around with it today and I really love it. There’s something really smooth about the application of the wax and it just has a generally nice finish. I find it’s the perfect shade as well and perhaps what I loved most was that it did not move at all during the day and the advice I was given during the session about filling in my brows really helped build on what I already knew to enable me to achieve better results in the future which is always a bonus.

I’ve also been experimenting with a few of my other purchases in particular my Inglot purchases. Good god why haven’t I heard more about Inglot? It’s on the more affordable scale of makeup but the quality is definitely up there with some of my other favourite more high end products. The best thing? Everything is refillable. The pallets are fully magnetic and I could pick and choose what I wanted to put in them. For $37 AUD I got a pallet, a contouring powder and two eye shadows and the pallet itself accounted for almost half of that cost. I spent so much time experimenting with colours and discussing things with the store assistant who was amazingly helpful. I will be heading back to fill my desire for more pretty things. You’ll definitely be hearing more from me in the future about Inglot, that’s for sure!

So that’s enough of me talking with my written words, here’s the video, I hope it’s entertaining at the very least. Be sure to subscribe to the channel here for the occasional content that isn’t blogged about!

x ac


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