Show Me Your Colours


Today I present to you, in no particular order, my favourite lipstick shades of 2014. These are the colours I’ve been wearing this year as well as a few old favourites/honorable mentions that got thrown back into the mix for the hell of it – because my love of the colour endures. Basically, I’m going to talk briefly about what I like and dislike about each of these 11 shades which to make the cut for this blog had to have been worn at least 5 times. It feels like I’m running a really awful awards night where the only prize is a mention and a couple of wears, so lets run with that theme, shall we?

And the contestants are:

  1. Lime Crime – Wicked Velvetine
  2. Lime Crime – Poisonberry
  3. Lime Crime – Geradium
  4. Lime Crime – Glamour101
  5. MAC – Heroine
  6. Australis – Ma-Li-Boo Velour Lips
  7. Sportsgirl – Hearts Run Free
  8. Sportsgirl – Tropical Storm
  9. Savvy by DB – Toffee
  10. NYX – Electra Electra
  11. The Body Shop – 05

Lime Crime – Wicked Velvetine:
Likes: The darkest and sexiest red lipstick I own. It does not move once it’s on.
Dislikes: My teeth love it too and it’s not really an everyday type shade.
Rating (Out of 10): 8.5

Lime Crime – Poisonberry:
Likes: I confess, this is my favourite lipstick of all time. It’s bold, it’s dark and it’s just plain sexy. I love the colour on and it always draws a few questions.
Dislikes: It moves quite easily as it does not set at all.
Rating (Out of 10): 10

Lime Crime – Geradium:
Likes: This was my first bright pink and I adore it. It’s so bright and cheerful and goes best with a fairly natural makeup look.
Dislikes: The consistency is a little off with this one. It’s too creamy.
Rating (Out of 10): 8

Lime Crime – Glamour101:
Likes: It’s a truly classic colour that is as bright and bold on the lips as it is in the tube.
Dislikes: If bumped things get very messy.
Rating (Out of 10): 9

MAC – Heroine:
Likes: This has a lovely creamy consistency and very little is required to get a nice finish.
Dislikes: I find the colour far too similar to Poisonberry which at the end of the day I do like more especially considering it was far cheaper.
Rating (Out of 10): 7

Australis – Mal-Li-Boo Velour Lips:
Likes: It’s so pink. Perfect for dressing up as Barbie or for going to something that requires a true pop of colour on the lips.
Dislikes: It’s quite drying on the lips.
Rating (Out of 10): 7.5

Sportsgirl – Hearts Run Free:
Likes: It’s a nice light pink that is so perfect for summer or just a casual look.
Dislikes: It’s light and quite sheer so you need to coat it on for a good colour.
Rating (Out of 10): 6

Sportsgirl – Tropical Storm:
Likes: This is actually a nice orange colour which I cannot believe I am saying, it’s bold without being over the top and it’s another truly summer-type colour that compliments beachwear nicely.
Dislikes: Consistency is a little off I find, but I can’t quite put my finger on what I dislike about it.
Rating (Out of 10): 6.5

Savvy by DB – Toffee:
Likes: It’s brown, that’s not for everyone but this is just a really nice, cheap shade that seems to go with any look/costume and I’m all for versatility.
Dislikes: It’s slightly shimmery which I don’t like sometimes.
Rating (Out of 10): 7

NYX – Electra Electra:
Likes: This is the everyday red to end all every day reds. It’s very much a non-orange based red and I love how it applies so perfectly dark.
Dislikes: I tend to find it gets everywhere particularly when mixed with the presence of alcohol and it’s hard to hide the red stains on your face once it’s happened.
Rating (Out of 10): 8.5

The Body Shop – 05:
Likes: This was my deb lipstick from about 5 years ago and it’s almost gone. I love the combination of brown and purple shades in this one and it’s very much wearable and appropriate for any situation which I love.
Dislikes: Dry lips are a big no-no with this one!
Rating (Out of 10): 7

There we have it. My list for 2014. I’m sure this will be a recurring thing, most likely with an arm full of swatches that refuse to wash off for the rest of the day making it appear as though I have a strange skin disease. Hopefully this inspires some new colour choices for you in the coming year, I know this has been a big year for me in terms of branching out with colour. I’m hoping to grow this collection to, and really start experimenting with more blacks and grey type shades but we’ll see how that goes seeing as it’s just another of the things on my beauty resolutions list for 2015.

x ac



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