Give Me Nylon or Give Me Death


I was thinking the other that that it was about time that I talked about a couple of clothing brands and online shopping experiences. While its not something I want to do often I thought it could be nice to mix things up for a bit of a change. I thought what better way to start things than to start with my favourite nylon brand: Black Milk. Once you buy one thing you have to have them all. My obsession started in 2011 when I bought the Cheshire Cat Nana Suit which I wear less for actual swimming and more as just parts of outfits or costumes. Then came the Black Matte Bummers, then the Matte Black Leggings, a pair of Sheer Red Tartan Spartans (which I later sold), a pair of the Peacock Leggings, the BM Pro Sheer Ninja Pants and now the Braaaains Skater Skirt and Crop. It’s a dangerous (for my bank account) and expensive obsession but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cheshire Cat Nana Suit: This was my first and quite possibly still my favourite purchase.  I love the colours and the design and I love having a high waisted bikini for those days when I want to go to the beach or pool but sort of feel a little bit bloated. The shirt has also been a bit of a favourite of mine for pole dancing.

Matte Black Leggings & Bummers: These are my staple pieces, I wear the Bummers under everything and as my pole dancing shorts and the Leggings are for absolutely everything else and I’m totally upset I didn’t jump on the cyber sale a few days ago to get a few more pairs because I need them!

Peacock Leggings: These bad boys are bold and I love them. I generally throw a plain black shirt on with these ones and some boots and I’m ready to go. They always draw a few questions though mostly because of the bright colours. I absolutely love the pattern and really love the fact that I picked them up second hand barely worn for a fraction of the cost.

BM Pro Sheer Ninja Pants: Funny story, I panic purchased the wrong item, but customer service was amazing when I emailed them and got onto it straight away and sent me the pants I was actually after. These are amazing. I wear them to Bikram Yoga and they absorb sweat like nothing else. They also have pockets which makes them perfect for just general everyday class wear.

Braaaains Skater Skirt and Crop: These are my latest purchases to arrive. I love the colour of these and wish I’d owned them sooner, but rest assured there is a grand plan for these, I’ll be wearing them to Katy Perry this week after I saw this online and got far too excited about no longer needing a costume:


It seems odd for people to be so passionate about a brand, but the thing is I see it as more than a brand it’s a community. A community of people tied together by their love of Australian made nylon goodness. The Sharkie community is a group I love being part of. I am a member of my local state group and love being in the larger general group with people who are just as passionate (if not a hundred times more so) about the same thing, that and I really love sharing things on the Black Milk Gym page because the gym wear suits my fitness loves such as Bikram Yoga and Pole Dancing so perfectly. Regardless of the cost, I love being a member of something with such a strong and clear sense of community and that for me is just as important as the fashion.

So that’s my collection so far, I hope it grows in the near future with more nylon fabulousness, but for now I’m just hoping there’s a few Sharkies out there that this reaches or that maybe it inspires some new ones!

x ac


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