Angels On Bare Skin Review


All I can smell is lavender, and when lavender reminds you of the sorts of cheap candles you don’t want to burn in your house that’s not necessarily a good thing. While I’m not, for a single minute doubting the abilities of this facial cleanser, I’m not a fan of the smell, or the initial texture as I will discuss a little further along in this review. All I’m saying is that it’s not anywhere near as pleasantly scented as many of the other LUSH products I love, but somehow despite one of the major factors that contributes to me purchasing something from them being totally absent I still find there’s a lot to love about Angels On Bare Skin. It’s the sort of product that without fail will come up somewhere whenever I see calls for recommendations of facial cleansers in Facebook groups. No-one tells you that it kind of smells like the mothballs your Nan keeps in the back of her cupboard, or nor do they tell you that it has one of the most bizarre textures of any facial cleanser I’ve ever used but there are so many people in love with it, and I can see why.

As you can probably see from the photo it’s kind of a solid. You break a pea-sized piece off the clump in the container and add a small dash of water and work it into a paste and use it to cleanse your skin. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t exactly do the best job at removing makeup – in fact it’s so gentle it can’t remove much at all, so what I’ve been finding is that if I wipe my face down with makeup wipes then hop into the shower, apply this product then my beloved Ocean Salt and the results are incredible. The redness of my skin post-India has completely vanished and it’s smoother than it has been in months after a couple weeks of use. I’ve also been hearing amazing things about Fresh Farmacy which is a facial cleanser with (apparently) a little more grunt than this one that comes in a bar form, I’m hoping that one will be in the Christmas goodies for me to try out.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it’s a weird solid that’s freaking me out the most but there’s just things about this product that have me loving and almost disliking it at the same time. It does a great job, but there’s just ways it could be better. I really do like the fact that a little does go a long way. It’s a 100g tub that I bought and in the two weeks it looks like I’ve hardly used any. The smell is the biggest dislike for me. I’m just not a fan of lavender at all, and you can see it in the product, which I guess is the downside of using natural products – you do tend to have a better idea of what the actual ingredients and if you’re lucky you can see them. I just think there’s probably something out there that will work better for me – something with a little more cleansing strength than this product provides and while it’s not a favourite, I do love aspects of it and certainly don’t want to see the bottom of the container.

I’m looking forward to getting a few more new product reviews onto the blog in the next couple of weeks and have ordered a few bits and pieces online for a couple of beauty DIY’s providing they actually arrive so hopefully there’ll be some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you’ve got any LUSH suggestions be sure to let me know or even let me know what you thought of Angels On Bare Skin, I’m torn but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

x ac


3 thoughts on “Angels On Bare Skin Review

  1. Amazing Lush says:

    Angels on Bare Skin is one of the few cleansers from Lush I haven’t found the time to try yet, so unfortunately I know nothing about that one. But Let the Good Times Roll is amazing! It smells amazing and leaves your skin supersoft. Herbalism and Büche de Noël are two other good cleansers from Lush. Even though I’m not very fond of the hazzle with the mentioned cleansers, I like them more than I like Fresh Farmacy. But maybe I have to give it a second chance. Thank you for a good review!


    • acbeauty says:

      This is particularly interesting in that once I decided to try and ordered Fresh Farmacy I’ve been seeing more and more comments about it not exactly living up to the hype. I’ve ordered Herbalism, so I’ll be definitely interested to see how it compares! Thank you for the insightful comment, I’m always interested to hear more on these products! x ac


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