Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping


Today, despite original plans to avoid fashion posts for a good month or so – back by popular demand here are some more of my fashion thoughts. Instead of just doing a whole other brand run through I’ll be talking about online stores I’m loving at the moment. Hopefully it’ll help some people out knowing others are using these sites and what my experiences have been like with them etc. Basically, it’s going to work like this: I’ll be briefly discussing each of the following online stores (which I’ve also indicated what I’ve purchased from them) from which I’ve made at least two separate purchases and will pretty much and let you know about the items I bought from them, general quality, any interaction I had with customer service and overall shipping times etc.

  • Beginning Boutique – Makeup and Clothes
  • Jean Jail – Clothes
  • Lucy in the Sky – Clothes and Accessories
  • ASOS – Clothes and Shoes
  • BooHoo – Clothes
  • Princess  Polly – Clothes and Makeup

Beginning Boutique
Sometimes it feels like I love all the things available on Beginning Boutique. I actually feel like it’s an accurate assessment of my feelings for the site, mostly because I love the things, but don’t always love the price tag. I love that they get some truly unique pieces, but they always tend to be a little more expensive than you expect. The quality of course, is fairly high as far as online shopping standards are concerned and there’s frequent sales which mean quite often things, in particular Lime Crime makeup is reduced which I love. Postage is quick (free express shipping over certain price points for Aussies) and I’ve only once had to send something back because the wrong size was sent which customer service were super helpful with.

Jean Jail
I have bought two stunning dresses from Jean Jail. They are beautifully unique and both have had people coming up asking me where I got them from. The quality of both pieces was high and the shipping was quick (and might I add free due to the orders being over certain prices). They totally won my heart when they sent me a lollipop. They are really well priced which is a total bonus and their stuff is totally worth checking out if you’re looking for something a little bit different!

Lucy in the Sky
I love Lucy in the Sky. I bought my 21st dresses, that’s right there were two, from them all for less than $80. While the quality of some pieces has been a little hit and miss it’s been nothing too awful and I do really like that they have such a large variety. My main concerns are to do with the website having far too much content organised in such a way that makes it so hard to find what you’re looking for but regardless, they do update often and there’s always a bunch of new stuff coming out as well as some killer accessories which I love. Shipping has been super fast and when I needed to return something customer service was an absolute dream for me to deal with!

ASOS is a online shopping giant and they’ve changed a lot over the years. They’ve come from being fairly cheap and accessible to having the biggest variety of brands and prices I’ve seen in a long time and sometimes it leaves me a little annoyed mostly because I’ve found despite the clothes being fantastic as a general rule, the shipping can drive you insane particularly when it’s delayed for days for no real apparent reason. Sizing is pretty good and the catwalk videos help you make all those important decisions because trust me things look different when you move around. Customer service to their credit has always been really helpful when I’ve dealt with them although I do known this has not always been the case for everyone I know.

I know the saying that you get what you pay for rings far too true with BooHoo, while I buy a shitload of my clothes from them, in particular almost everything I wore in India was from them, the quality leaves a lot to be desired. The dyes run, the clothes shrink and they are not necessarily true to size. While the clothes themselves aren’t always fantastic, the prices are good and the shipping is quick which is a bit of a trap for people like me. While it’s a love hate relationship I still use them, my big recommendation is to exercise some sizing caution and to watch the catwalk videos – if the quality looks questionable, the chances are it is.

Princess  Polly
Princess Polly is great for me, in particular because I have access to a physical store nearby and can actually go and look at the things if I’m really unsure. My biggest purchases from them come in the form of makeup but I have picked up some really cute dresses in the sale section which I have loved. The shipping is really reasonable and they do, as I have mentioned, have sales which make accessing Lime Crime at a good price really handy for me. I love the quality of their pieces and the range and number of amazing brands that this store gives you access to is incredible. If you haven’t checked them out and want something a little different (they are a little on the more pricey side of things) they are the place to go for me.

There you have it. My online shopping rundown. I’ve tried to include the good and the bad for each where I could to give you the most accurate idea of where I am telling you I send all my monies too in case you too wish to send your monies to them in exchange for lovely things. As always, if you have any questions be sure to pop a comment in the comments section below and I’ll get around to it as soon as I can!

x ac


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