The Inglot Freedom System Palette


In my typical fashion, it takes me time and some serious use to give a well rounded review of a product. I figured after a good two weeks of using the three products I purchased from Inglot every day I would have the information and opinions needed to form a full and informative review, but then again, that’s what I seek to bring to you every time I talk about a product I’m trying, hating or loving. For those of you who don’t know anything about Inglot I did briefly mention them and showed off the palette I assembled in my haul video a couple of weeks ago. Basically, they are a cosmetics company that provide a wide variety of products ranging from foundation to nail polish in a wide range of colours. In fact, the range consists of over 1,500 colours. The real gem in this collection is the Freedom System, which gives you the ability to assemble custom designed palettes which can contain anything from eye shadows to contouring powders at incredibly affordable prices.

Inglot Eye Shadow 360

I really wanted to create a palette that took what could be a neutral every day look to a smokey dark, almost sexy night time look with very little effort. The first thing that needed to be achieved was initially a taupe shade, however after seeing this more tan coloured shadow I decided I needed it. I would almost say it’s a medium brown and it’s got a cooler undertone that I really love. It appears a little ashy in the pan however on I’ve never really had that problem with it. In fact I consider it to be the perfect base for day wear. It’s proven itself to be versatile as well, I’ve used it in the crease for smokey looks, I’ve used it as a base and I’ve used it as an eyeliner and never once has it failed me in terms of how I felt about the colour. It’s the sort of shade that really compliments darker colours while standing out on its own and it’s something I really like about it. I also like that there is no shimmer, as that’s something I did find as I swatched shades right up my arm because as far as I see it: unexpected shimmer is a no-no.

Inglot Eye Shadow 326

This is another shimmer-free shade, and it’s more of a chocolate brown, however there’s a bit of a twist. I would go as far to say that it has an almost plum coloured undertone which is a little odd, but hear me out: It works. I never thought I’d say that but there’s something about a brown with just a hint of purple that really brings out my eye colour to start off with, but it gives any look an added drama that I really like.  This is perfect in the crease and the outer corner, I haven’t used it as a liner yet, but I’m really looking forward to seeing where I can put this colour particularly as it’s the transformation colour I was after. This is the colour I wanted to take any look from light to dark, and it does it perfectly.

Inglot HD Sculpting Powder 505

I have a single complaint about this particular product: If applied a little too heavily it tends to look ashy on my skin tone, but it takes an extreme amount for me to reach that stage. Aside from that one small complaint which really is self-created, I really like this product, when applied correctly it’s subtle and does the job well. I also liked that it fits nicely into these palettes so you really do have everything you could need in the one place. I felt for this palette I’d need to darken up my contouring when going from day to night

There are more than a few things to love about these palettes but in particular these three really struck me, the first being the option for customization, the second being the quality and the third being the price. The quality of the product rivals that of any MAC shadow I’ve ever used, they’re all highly pigmented and they last for the entire duration of a day. I’ve noticed that if you’re not careful the potential for accidentally scraping the surface of the product with the magnetic lid does exist, for example in early morning scrambles to get ready for work. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to MAC, Inglot is the place to go and I cannot wait to go back and build some more palettes.

x ac


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