A Soft Summer Look For 2014


The one thing that I truly believe sets a summer look aside from the rest is the hair style – summer is wavy hair and curls as far as I’m concerned, probably because the humidity gets to everyone’s hair around here! Sure a healthy glow to the skin and big bold colours and the typical summer fashion are all very much what you have in mind when I mention a summer look but often hair is neglected as an element of the look. Today I’m going to be talking you through this soft summer look that I’ve created and the outfit that I’ve decided to team up with it. This particular look was for a casual breakfast with friends, but I’m sure it could lend itself to a number of occasions.

The outfit in a nutshell, is a midi-length navy blue and white striped tee-shirt style dress with a low back-line from Cotton On (available here), a white pair of sandals from Rubi Shoes (available here), a bold chain necklace (available here), my gorgeous matte black watch from The Horse (available here) and a white stitched handbag and bracelet from Colette. The reason I’ve opted for this particular outfit is mostly because I see navy and white as a bit of a classic combination. Team them up with a nice red or orange shaded lipstick and you really can do no wrong. It’s timeless, it’s effortless, simple and of course, it has class. These factors as well as the fact that it lends itself very nicely to countless makeup looks and hairstyles make it the sort of thing I want to throw on each morning before I head out the door. It’s perfect for lunch, for shopping or even just lounging around the house. I find keeping it simple is sometimes the key.

My hair was a challenge, I’d treated it with the argan oil hair mask (which I will be breaking down for you all tomorrow) the night before so softness was at an all time high. This basically meant everything I did to it was entirely useless. I gave it a quick straighten after applying a heat protecting oil and then softly curled the ends to give it a gentle wave effect. Running my hands through it I basically threw it up into a side knot and it was done. Messy but at the same time kind of neat. It needed to be soft and gentle and I just thought a top knot or something more slick was just too severe for something so casual.

The makeup was a combination of all the usual suspects, however I think the big thing here was that I basically washed over the entirety of my eyelids with a peach coloured eye shadows from my Chi Chi Goes to Rio palette basically just to open everything up and give off a bit of a natural glow. This is one of the first Chi Chi products I got a couple of years ago and there are 11 brightly coloured shades in this one, I opted for the peach coloured which I would argue is the most subtle in the palette. The thing I like about this is that it contains all my “crazy colours” to a single easy to manage palette and they as a whole are relatively well pigmented and are quite buildable. They also blend extremely well if you’re looking to do something bright. I darkened my crease with Inglot’s Eye Shadow in 360 and swept it under my eyes as well for a smokey look. Pairing this one with a coral lipstick from Sportsgirl and a little winged eyeliner and I was good to go – I feel I need to mention that I’ve gone back to the Master Precise Liner, but I’ll talk about that a little later in the week.

Summer is about colour for me, but it’s also about simplicity and overall that was the one thing I was hoping to achieve with this look. I’ve scrubbed all my tan off so I’m back to my usual pale self and in the mail are two new Frank Body scrubs and words cannot express my excitement for their arrival just before Christmas. Be on the lookout for a few changes in the new year, while you can see some physical changes let’s just say there’s some big things happening behind the scenes right now that I’m incredibly excited for!

Before I go, I felt I better give a quick update for those who noticed my beauty news status yesterday and while I finally got to combine my journalistic skills with my beauty posting, what I’m not excited about is what this means for not only Australian Lime Crime Fans, but also fans located in New Zealand (who were ignored – like our southernmost state, Tasmania) in the official “statement” on the Lime Crime Facebook page. The post expressed that they do care, however as part of “a company-wide overhaul” there has been a temporary suspension in distribution. There is a plan according to the post which also calls for patience and informs Australian and New Zealand customers that they can purchase products through the official website which will ultimately mean higher costs and longer waiting times for residents in this part of the world. I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the past 24 hours, previous questionable business moves aside, I should hope that speculation that they may be teaming with Sephora, Myer or David Jones turns out to be completely incorrect seeing as all three brands have a reputation within Australia for being pricey, and Sephora seeming to be the most likely of the three suspects at this stage has a single store in Sydney and will not ship directly to Australia through their online store. I think the only thing we can do is wait and see whether Doe Deere has a plan for us, or alternatively join the boycott Lime Crime movement – which I personally do not want to do.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review, let me know your thoughts down below!

x ac


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