Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Wandering the glorious aisles of my local Kmart this week I stumbled across a seemingly brand-less little Argan Oil Hair Treatment. When I gave it a quick scan, it came in at $3 AUD and I couldn’t help but think it should be part of the ongoing series I’m trying to create, using what would all so far seem to be Kmart products, about whether things that are so cheap actually work. Today’s product, as pictured is called ‘Hair Treatment – Argan Oil – 200ml’ and it is supposedly a treatment for dry hair, which I have so we shall see whether this product sort-of-unlike the lash extending mascara, actually works. It has very little information aside from the instructions, ingredients and appropriate warnings on the container, so you know what this should be a bit of fun considering I’ve neither seen nor heard of this particular product before – which in my honest experience, is never a good thing but lets hope this bottle will finally give me a reason to change that opinion.

No photo can quite capture the level of damage that my hair had sustained prior to the treatment.  I’ve spoken about my hair situation before and how I’m essentially trying to do the right thing by it by growing out the years of damage but it’s hard work. It’s unmanageable without heat and in spite of this, I’m at the stage where I’m almost grown out all of the previous colouring however, it’s particularly dry and quite dead towards the ends and it’s really at the stage where I think very few treatments could actually help the situation but really, who am I to dismiss a $3 hair treatment without at least giving it a shot? The thing is, the bottle doesn’t really distinguish itself from any other product on the shelves, it’s seemingly brand-less and it really doesn’t look like much.

Upon first opening the container I did notice that it smells particularly nice and it has a really silky texture. Also, I’ll say it now before I forget: a little goes a really long way. I’d estimate the bottle has a good five or six uses in it if not more which really makes it a good buy for that price. To use this, first you wash your hair and towel dry it. You then apply the product and allow it to sit in your hair for 5-10 minutes. That was a long time to waste for me so I threw a shower cap over it and in the mean time I dealt with my eyebrows and removed some nail polish and then washed it out of my hair and towel dried it again. I also applied my Moroccan Oil as I do following each wash and then left it to air dry.

Overall, my thoughts on this one are kind of mixed. The whole process did leave my hair feeling quite soft but then again, a good shampoo and conditioner are capable of doing the same and I can’t really say it’s done much for the damage yet, but then again to really see real results I feel like it will take time. But regardless, I’ll continue to use it in the hope that I might see further results – it does recommend use a couple of times a week. While I wouldn’t put it in the same league as a product like LUSH’s Retread, but it certainly did leave my hair feeling smooth and really tamed the frizz and tangles that I am used to after washing it which is a good start but then again argan oil is something of a miracle product in the hair industry at the moment. I think this product would be really good for a spa night, as they do also do some really affordable face masks and products of that nature which would be good for a night of pampering. There are better products out there but then again, I’ve been researching some homemade hair masks and I’m really looking forward to giving them a try in the next couple of weeks, so if you have some recipes you think I should try let me know!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some discussion on perfumes, so be on the lookout for that!

x ac


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