Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk Review


Anyone who has seen my very early, strangely-named post ‘It’s All About That Base‘ will know I’m no stranger to a fake tan. Cursed with pale skin that struggles given any level of sunscreen and sun exposure, it’s safe to say that for some people such as myself achieving a natural tan is just not an option, so that’s where products like Bondi Sands come in. Today, I’ll be reviewing two new additions to my tanning collection which arrived just in time for the disposal of the old products that I’d finally used up. I’ve decided to switch to using some everyday products at the recommendation of my concerned mother (we can’t understand why I’m so pale considering my whole family gets a nice summer tan) and basically I wanted a coverage that is very minimal in terms of the scents it leaves and the colour it provides as I think the level of tanning I’ve gotten to mirrors that of a spray tan when really I just want something that will make a light pink dress look good without looking like I’m off to the races. Considering I believe Bondi Sands to be the god-brand of tanning, it can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, they were the logical choice. I bought two products for around $35 or so from my local Priceline and they are: The Gradual Everyday Tanning Milk and the The Gradual Everyday Face Tanning Milk.

I was incredibly excited to see that they’ve released a product specifically for the face and neck because I do struggle to find a bit of a balance between the matching of my face and body, but what I didn’t like was the fact that for a small bottle it was still almost $5 more expensive than the large pump bottle for the rest of the body, but then again, fake tans are notoriously bad for facial use so I can understand given that it is also a daily moisturiser that they may be attempting to combat break-outs through different a formulation. I think the first thing I noticed about this was that they are incredibly moisturising, so if it doesn’t quite tan you to the extent you’d hoped for, at least it’s a brilliant coco butter scented lotion. The second thing I really love is the fact that it’s coco butter scented. There’s nothing worse than that tan smell that seems to follow you around for days. The third thing I really love is that it’s so easy to apply and from the week that I have used it, it actually seems foolproof considering you don’t need a tanning mitt or glove but then again there’s always the chance that if you forget to wash your hands they will go a light shade of orange.

Aside from the price there was really only one real thing I didn’t like about this one, and while it says it was gradual I didn’t expect it to be gradual to this extent. As I am naturally quite pale it took almost the full week to get it to a level of colour I was happy with using it twice a day towards the end in order to get to this colour for an early Christmas lunch:


I am finding that the easy application that actually requires minimal product and the fact that it’s easy to maintain is making this product a real winner. I really love using it after showering to ensure that the colour is maintain and that I am moisturised throughout the day. I’m really liking how it’s making my skin feel even after a week, it’s softer and less dry than it has been in weeks having moved into the summer season when my skin really struggles and I’ve successfully exfoliated with my Frank Body Scrub without doing too much damage to the tan which is also a bonus. I also applied directly after shaving with no poor results which is also fantastic for me considering it’s at the stage where I’m now happy with it. While I really love this product it’s not as dark as I’d go for an event which means I would definitely see it as still having a use in that for maintaining the colour. I will be continuing to use this into the future because I’m extremely happy with the result.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with another product review, in the meantime if you’ve tried this I’d love to know what you thought in the comments below!

x ac


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