Boxing Day Haul

I’m back as promised – you couldn’t get rid of me that easily – and hoping everyone reading this post had an enjoyable Christmas and maybe managed to grab a few bargains in the boxing day sales – or is hoping to if you’re in a part of the world where they haven’t quite started yet! I thought a haul post would be appropriate considering really, after eating so much food and drinking so much champagne my skin just needs a break from products – essentially, I’m in holiday laziness mode – and so I thought I’d share with you all what I managed to grab among the chaos. Basically, if you’ve never been before, the boxing day sales are huge in Australia, people literally camp outside of Myer in the city hoping to grab the things they’ve been eyeing off for months at a discounted rate, and pretty much every store – even online stores – put on some sort of discount. It’s not just restricted to Christmas goods either, it’s pretty much anything from fridges to perfume and there really is something for everyone as long as you’re prepared to tackle the person in front of your for it and fight for parking spaces in shopping complex car parks.

I was on the site at 7am when all hell broke lose, I actually watched as a heap of the stuff I wanted in the sale tab became unavailable right before my very eyes basically because I hesitated and attempted to gather all the things. Despite missing a couple of the goodies I wanted I did manage to grab the following for $32 AUD with shipping:

  • 500g Rose Jam Shower Gel
  • 200g Sultana of Soap
  • 200g Sweet Soap of Mine

This is one of my favourite stores mostly because it sells beautiful things from all around the world and I got a text in the morning as part of their Karma Club informing me of the 50% off sale going on – making the choice to head there super easy. So here’s what I grabbed for about $50 AUD:

The Good Guys:
I love to bake and I’m hoping that’s something I get to share with you all at some point, but I’m also really into smoothies and general drink making so I needed a new blender as well so we went to The Good Guys to take advantage of the sales. I basically got these both about half price:

For a grand total of $60 AUD from a couple of random stores I got:

  • A MAXIM Midi Skirt
  • A Hearts On Fire Sheer Panel Crop Top
  • 2 Cage Tops from eBay (One & Two)

I was going to feature a photo of this but I’ve decided I want to use these for an upcoming blog so unfortunately you’ll have to wait for that one. But I was super excited to see that at Myer Napoleon Perdis had a 50% off some RRP’s and 30% off all Christmas collections. I was so tempted, believe me but I had to refrain or else my bank account would have spiraled seriously out of control. There are also some amazing teapots and things on sale at T2 but I just couldn’t considering how many gorgeous teas and the 2l iced tea jug I got yesterday. I will add to the collection eventually, but first I think I need to work and to sleep off the enormous amount of food I have consumed in the past two days. I hope the holidays are just as relaxing for you as they are for me, and may the sales be ever in your favour!

x ac




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