Academy of Colour – Super Gloss Gel Top Coat Review


I’ve noticed a bit of a spike recently in people taking a look at my review for another of the Academy of Colour products which caught me off guard, especially considering they were relatively cheap kits at just $3 AUD from Kmart and mostly because I’d also, despite promising to bring a series of reviews to you, had totally forgotten to finish the series with the other three kits. The other review focused on the Apple Scented Nail Polish which you might remember actually sort of smelt like apples for a brief period and while I wasn’t particularly impressed with the actual nail polish in that particular kit I adored the cute little apple decals and decided to give another product in this line a trial, and that product is the only one I didn’t mention previously: The Super Gloss Gel Top Coat. It came as two products as the previous product did, and after consulting my collection I discovered that all these sets do. This set came with a dark purple polish and a clear top coat which is supposed to dry in a similar fashion to a gel top coat without the UV lamps or the small nail studio fans I expect from a general gel manicure.

The Purple Base Coat
I had fears that this coat would be similar to the green polish in the apple kit. It one in one way: it dries fast. It feels like you hardly have a second to adjust any mistakes before it’s already beginning to dry but the main difference with this one and the other is that the coverage is amazing. I did a single coat of this one and was completely satisfied with the result. It was dark and there were no streaks, it simply went on like a dream. I would say that the brush was slightly too thick for some of my nails but that seems like a fairly small issue considering I could use my nail brushes if I got really desperate. I did find that with a little testing – also known as doing the dishes, it did chip quite easily, which really isn’t the sign of a great nail polish but I was wondering about whether the top coat would help strengthen the nail polish considering the gel look wasn’t technically finished until it was applied. Even alone this coat works, and I believe I’ve seen the kit in purple, red and black, all of which are fairly easy to work into an outfit which is just another point for the positive team.

The Glossy Gel Coat
I have incredibly mixed feelings about this top coat, which really is a theme running throughout these blogs – I don’t like being decisive so I guess it makes sense that I’d have mixed feelings about every second product I try. This coat did not help strengthen the polish which continued to chip – so I didn’t really see the point in it being a ‘gel top coat’, but it did look like a gel finish which really surprised me. I know there’s so many products out there that give a really similar finish but very few of them are in this price range. I would have liked it more had it somehow given the polish more of the expected gel strength I was hoping for. Then again, you get what you pay for so I guess I really couldn’t expect too much otherwise my nail artist would be out of a job and I’d endlessly be buying these kits from Kmart – although I have been hearing good things about the Sally Hansen Gel Nail Colour range so we might just have to wait and see. If I were to summarise my thoughts on this coat, I’d say that it just didn’t impress me all that much.

So overall, what do I think about this kit as a whole? I love the colour and the glossy finish but it just didn’t have the power a normal gel manicure would have. It’s lovely until it chips, which is something you could say about almost any nail polish, but the truth is – with a gel polish you don’t want it to chip. While it’s so much cheaper than having a gel manicure done, it’s not quite the same – but it tries and deserves points for effort. If you’re looking for something cute for a night out this kit (which does come in a few colours) has a really nice polished finish, which you really can’t complain all too much about, but it doesn’t have the lasting beauty of a really well done gel manicure. I say this is the sort of product you could get a couple of single wears out of, but you wouldn’t be hoping for it to last for days on end. Overall I’d say it’s a 6 out of 10, mostly for price and for finish, but there’s not all that much else to like about this one. I am hoping to post the next two reviews in this series over the next two Sundays, so if I don’t be sure to let me know about it so I don’t forget about them again and let me know any thoughts you have on these products or any others you think I should try in the comment section below!

Have a lovely weekend!

x ac


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