LUSH Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review


I’m back after a short break/new year holiday and I’m hoping everyone is well and ready to get back into some reviews and other beauty and fashion related blogs! I’ve got another nail kit review coming tomorrow and I got a huge LUSH delivery this week from their glorious Boxing Day sale so I’ll have plenty of reviews to write in the coming weeks. I’ve also got a few tutorials, a couple of DIY’s and a few new surprises to come, mostly lifestyle type blogs planned for the coming weeks centred around clean eating recipes and teas and smoothies so there’s plenty happening. Also keep an eye out for a slight name change that’s coming for the blog, I’ve got my incredibly talented best friend who just finished her graphic design degree onto the task of creating a logo and hopefully I’ll have that soon to share with you all soon enough! It’s going to be a big year full of new products and heaps of new bits and pieces and I’m so excited to share it with you all! I’ll also be looking towards more videos, and more fun bits and pieces like look-books and get ready with me type videos so I’m hoping you find the next year as exciting as I already am! I’ve also got a big announcement to come sometime in March when I can officially make it which will mean some changes to the blog, but hopefully it just means I can bring you all better content in the long run – but we’ll see. That’s enough of me rambling for now, let’s get into this review.

Alright, so I bought this lovely little bath bomb from LUSH a few months ago, and it’s been sitting in the back of my cupboard waiting for me to finish going through my bubble bar collection. This week I finally got around to using it. What I really liked about this was the colour of the block itself – it had a really deep purple colour with streaks of gold glitter – and while the scent wasn’t something I loved like I do Rose Jam or RockStar Soap, it had a really lovely spiced chai type scent that drew my attention if only for the fact that it was different. The other thing I noticed was the fact that it left a large amount of gold glitter on my hands when I held it, and I really liked that and wanted to see how it translated to a bath situation, well it translated well I guess you could say. It left glitter all over me and all over my bathtub that’s for sure! I was a little disappointed that the water didn’t go a bright purple colour like the bath bomb itself, but rather a soft pink as seen in the photo. While I loved it anyway, there was something a little disappointing about the colour change because it was one of the things that drew me towards it in the first place. It also doesn’t create a large amount of bubbles, but rather a gentle silky foam on top of the water. It also created a really relaxing cinnamon type smelling aroma – which did remind me of a chai latte and it was actually really relaxing just to lie in it and do absolutely nothing for a good half hour.

The whole process left my skin feeling really soft and well hydrated, (as well as a little glittery) but I’d have to say it’s not my favourite bath bomb LUSH produces, it actually contains a couple of cinnamon sticks which you will find in your bath when your done which was a nice touch – but at the same time they do make other bath products that are better and leave your skin feeling softer once you’ve had a good soak. It’s probably not something I would go out and buy again, but at the same time I’d have no problems getting it in a gift pack or receiving it as a gift. Overall, I’d say it’s probably about a 6 out of 10, which is still above average, just I know for a fact that if you were to use the Comforter Bubble Bar you’d have fairly similar results with a much sweeter scent which I seem to favor a little more. There’s just so much choice available to you at LUSH that sometimes it’s hard to find something that you really like – and I guess at the end of the day despite it’s appearance, this once just wasn’t as for me as I might have hoped.

As always, let me know what you thought of this product in the comments below, or perhaps even leave me a recommendation for another bath bomb or bubble bar you think I need to try. I’m looking forward to getting back into these reviews as I absolutely love these products and can’t wait to try more!

x ac


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