Academy of Colour – Leather Effect Nails Review

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of reviews recently. While it’s something I do really love doing, I’ve been wondering whether it’s growing a little boring for everyone else. While I love testing products and giving them a really good trial, I’m sure that not everyone enjoys reading that sort of thing so I’m going to try and get another of my quick makeup looks in this week with the hope of including a bit about the new products I’ve been using to shake things up a little and then hopefully a DIY as well. So, with all that in mind and me hoping to make things a little different this week, let’s get into the review. Continuing my series of these Academy of Colour reviews I’ve got the Leather Effect kit up for review today. Same as last time, I purchased it for $3 AUD at my lovely local Kmart and it was very much packed in the same way. I haven’t got a photo of the packaging just yet but I will try and track one down for you. The best way for me to describe it is a small black box with gold crosses and skulls on it – classy. Inside, you get the bottle of leather effect nail polish which is a black colour as well as two little containers of foam stickers which you might remember from the Apple Nail kit. Instead of being shaped this time they’re just dark circles with skulls on them. I understand they’re going for a more punk type look with this particular kit so I’m going to let the fact I sort of find it tacky slide a little, but I thought I should still mention that the print on these foam pieces was of a much lower quality than that of the apples and by that I mean some of the circles were just that – circles with no print. In fact, I’m not even going to be blunt about it – I hated the decals in this kit.

Seeing as I’m fully aired my feelings towards the foam stickers already, I guess I should probably talk about the part of this particular kit that I actually liked and that is the leather effect nail polish. These kits are proving to be a bit of a hit and miss type thing, and I was pleasantly surprised that another of them actually worked. One thin layer of this is all I needed, it dries to a dark black in a matter of seconds and it has a really rough, bumpy type texture that I really liked. It almost ticks all of the boxes for a good nail polish except that it does chip really easily. This has been one of my big disappointments in this series but I guess I can’t expect too much of them. I wouldn’t really expect to pay so little for a nail polish that ticks all of the boxes to be honest, so this is no exception. I would say that the fast drying time did create some issues in trying to get the decals to stick, so if you do get your hands on one of these kits you’ll need to work fast, apply a thicker layer or perhaps even use a clear coat to stick them down if you’re into that sort of thing, I mean just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean it’s going to be the case for everyone.

To summarize, I do really love the nail polish this kit came with. I love the strange bumpy texture and the really good coverage I got from just one coat. As I mentioned above, I had a lot to like about the polish and really, I would have been happy if the kit had just come with a larger bottle of it instead of the two incredibly average foam stickers that I know I’m never going to wear on my nails, or in fact anything ever again. But at the same time, how much can I really complain about a kit that essentially cost me a little loose change in my pockets. I’m not expecting OPI quality, and at the end of the day these kits really are just a bit of fun and I have to keep that in mind I guess. I would say this is the sort of thing I’d buy for a young cousin going through a rebellious or somewhat punk type stage in their life, but not something I’d gift to someone my own age considering the whole weird foam sticker issue. I still have one more of these kits to review, and luckily it’s my favourite so be sure to check that out next Sunday, in the meantime, as always feel free to throw me your suggestions for things to try and I’ll check them out!

x ac


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