Searching For The Perfect Cashmere Dupe

Ever since Lime Crime pulled their stock from Australian businesses I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find the perfect dupe for Cashmere. You see not only is it difficult to get your hands on from their official website considering the demand – they are in stock currently if you are interested – but also if you’re from Australia you’re looking at around $35 and upward for the single product due to conversion of the Australian dollar and shipping which isn’t something I was overly impressed with. I’ve managed to get my hands on a product I’ve been seeing recommended as a dupe for Cashmere produced by Australis. It’s part of their Velour Lips Matte Lipe Cream range, costs $9.95 and is a similar nude almost beige/grey colour called ‘PA-REE’. For those of your wondering, this particular product is also, according to their website Vegan Friendly which really does make it a bit of a competitor considering the considerably lower price point, availability in most department stores and pharmacies within Australia and that they are available online with reasonable shipping costs if you can’t get to a store to purchase it. But how does the product compare overall? Well, considering I’ve not yet managed to get my hands on a bottle of Cashmere it’s hard for me to say for sure, but going off the pictures and the consistency in comparison to the other Lime Crime Velvetines I own this is what I can say:

The Colour:
The one thing I’ve noticed about Cashmere is that it looks different on every single person who wears it. The one thing I do tend to notice about it is the fact that it’s quite a grey base with a pink on many people. Other photos can look a little more brown based, for me I found the Velour Lips was perhaps a little too brown to be a really good/accurate dupe, but it still had a greyish base with a little pink making it still a really nice matte finishing nude cream lipstick. That would really compliment dark eye makeup. It’s close, but just not close enough and in terms of colours available in the Australis range, there are a couple of others I’d lip to try mixing with this one to try and create the perfect colour.

The Finish:
Without going into far too much detail, I would say the finish is very much the same. I’ve said this previously, I do consider them quite similar products in terms of how they apply and how they dry on my lips. The only difference I noticed with PA-REE was that it has a silky finish which can almost seem a little stick until it completely dries which does take a few minutes.

The Staying Power:
I find that the Velour Lips Matte Creams really are quite comparable to Lime Crimes Velvetines in terms of how long they last. When applied to the back of the hand and rubbed a little you find that both the Velvetine and the Velour Lips do smudge a little but it takes a lot of pressure for either of them to actually move. Even with a makeup wipe I found I had trouble removing both. On the lips I tend to find that both crack a little, but the Velour Lips was the worst of the pair for this. I do have incredibly dry lips and have to apply a scrub first, but at the same time the creamier texture does play better with any dry skin than the formula of the Velvetines and my lips have never felt dry with the Velour Lips unlike the Velvetines which have in some cases made my lips feel a little more dry due to the formula. Both however, take a lot of effort to remove and can easy survive a couple of drinks, eating dinner or perhaps a day at work without too much movement.

To summarise everything I’ve written here I would say that PA-REE is a nice cheap alternative to Cashmere and while the colour isn’t exactly the same there are a lot of benefits that come with the product which do make it a new favourite of mine. If you’re looking for something similar to Lime Crime’s Velvetines, the Australis Velour Lips are certainly worth checking out, particularly seeing as they’re half of the price and there really is a growing range of colours to choose from including a few that would compare to a couple of colours available in the Lime Crime range. But regardless PA-REE stands alone as a lovely nude lipstick with it’s own merits and I really look forward to getting my hands on more of these colours! If you’ve heard of another dupe for Cashmere I’d love to hear about it – let me know below and I’ll get searching and around to trialing it soon!

x ac


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