Beauty News: Have You Purchased Lime Crime Recently?

If you’ve purchased any Lime Crime products from their official store recently, or even in the past few months you may want to double check your bank statements/accounts. I was just linked to this discussion currently taking place on Reddit and it’s starting to look like there’s a bit of widespread problem possibly due to a lack of security with their online store. So for now check the security of your accounts and perhaps hold off on any orders you might have just been about to make through the site until the problem has been resolved.

If there’s any updates/announcements regarding the situation I’ll edit them into this post.

Edit (17/2/15): In the wake of thousands of complaints and posts to their Facebook and Instagram profiles, as of four hours ago, Lime Crime has issued the following statement:

“Lime Crime Customers,

We have received reports of potential data breach on our website due to a hacker attack. We are NOT taking these reports lightly and are working with the authorities to investigate the nature and scope of the incident.

Your trust in us is our absolute priority. We have decided to temporarily disable so we can investigate further and ensure we can provide the secure shopping experience you all deserve. Further updates to follow.”


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