10 Beauty Hacks You Can Actually Use

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen them, the videos and posts all over Facebook claiming to have a bunch of life hacks you can use in your everyday life to somehow make it easier or better, but in reality some of them are just plain stupid and a waste of time, if not a little dangerous in some cases (warming your spoons in the microwave to scoop ice-cream more easily is never a good idea). The beauty hacks I bring you today come from years of practice, they’re things I do myself, and they are tried and tested and actually do make life easier rather than more difficult. I’m sure there’s thousands more I could find and trial if I were interested, but these are the ones I keep coming back to time and time again and I do really like how they work for me, so hopefully you find a trick in this list that might help you out.

1. Save Your Mascara Wands!
If you find a mascara wand you love, but hate the formula – keep it, you can stick them into bottles of mascara you actually like and use them. That way you have the benefit of a wand and a formula that you actually like rather than searching for the perfect combination. I have the wands from Maybelline’s Scandal Eyes and Rimmels Rockin’ Curves that I like to use in other more waterproof, volumising formulas and this hack works an absolute treat!

2. The Business Card Eye Shadow Trick!
This is a common one, basically what you do is take an old business card and cut a half circle the size of your eye into one of the longer sides. As you apply your eye shadow hold this under your lower lash line gentle to stop the fallout ruining your foundation. This has a few takes, if you place your lower eyelashes over the card as you apply mascara you can stop it transferring onto your face. A different way to avoid the fall out situation is to do your foundation last, but I tend to find this works best.

3. The Perfect Winged Liner!
This hack also calls for the use of a credit card or business card. I use this for super dramatic looks but it also works if you’re struggling to get your wing perfectly straight. To achieve this place the card on the angle you wish to have the wing on and draw a line from the desired length to the corner of the eye, complete the rest of the liner as per usual, finally filling in the triangle between the wing and the rest of the line. Remember the wing will get slightly thicker towards the outer third of the eye! At the end of the day, practice makes perfect!

4. Makeup Wipes Save The Day!
This hack has been a lifesaver. Say you’re wearing a white dress, and for some reason you decided to put that dress on after you applied your makeup and disaster strikes – makeup transfer. (Okay, I admit this happens to me way more than it should for any normal person!) What do you need? Nine times out of ten a makeup wipe will do the trick for me, simply rub it against the mark and most of the time it will lift right out. Other times, it’s going to need a good soaking a few prayers to the makeup gods get that red lipstick out of that dress. These wipes are also good for wiping down brushes for that in-between washes freshen up they so desperately need. Really, makeup wipes just generally save the day every single time.

5. Conceal It!
Aside from the obvious concealment of blemishes and other spots concealer actually has it’s uses elsewhere. If I’m really short on space a concealer is the sort of product I’d always make room for in place of other products such as an eyelid primer. I simply apply a little concealer and allow to dry for a flawless base, and particularly for me, having such red eyelids this has always been a lifesaver. Likewise, concealer is my go-to product for perfectly shaped lips. Applying a little around the lips with a brush instantly makes any lip shape crisp and neat, apply a little powder to set it and you’re good to go. This is a handy trick to keep in mind if you’re in need of a dramatic lip look and don’t have time for all that effort!

6. Out of Dry Shampoo?
This is pretty much my worse nightmare, but it actually happens a lot more than I like to think about. If you’re out of dry shampoo baby powder works just as well (on a lot of hair shades at least). A lot of commercial dry shampoos are just a baby powder-like substance and some fragrance, or so I’ve been told and it seems to make a lot of sense when you try this for yourself. All you do is sprinkle a tiny amount onto your head and rub it in and you’ll find that the oil just soaks up, just like it would with a dry shampoo. It’s cheap and it’s one of those products a lot of people just have lying around the house!

7. The Miracle Solution: Coconut Oil
If you haven’t heard about Coconut Oil before, you’re about to. It’s pretty much one of my favourite things to use not only in cooking but for beauty related purposes as well. It makes a killer hair mask – just run the closed jar under the shower for a little bit to melt the oil and apply a tablespoon or so to your hair and leave it in for 5 minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. Another use is as a base in homemade lip balms or even as a makeup remover. Definitely do some research into this product because it seems like the possibilities are endless!

8. Throw Out Old Products
This is not so much a hack, but rather something good to keep in mind. You’ll see tips about adding a couple of drops of lens fluid or water (please don’t do this!) to your mascara to give them new life, when really the fact that they’re dry indicates that they’re most likely past their use by date. All products have a shelf-life and to be honest, considering how often a mascara comes into contact with your eye and then goes back into the container, the amount of bacteria in those containers really means you should be throwing them out regularly and replacing. I try to do it every six months. It keeps the mascara looking fresh and helps protect your eyes from infection.

9. Makeup Wipes/Tissues For Perfect Mascara!
I swear makeup wipes were sent from the makeup gods to make our lives a million times easier, and like I said before I have way too many different uses for them – but they’re just so handy! So, if your mascara is always looking clumpy try wiping down the wand with a tissue or makeup wipe prior to applying it. It pretty much sorts out all the clumps and creates a much smoother application and helps separate all the lashes, it’s just a generally nicer finish!

10. Repotting
This has been a lifesaver, and really wasn’t something I’d thought about until I accidentally broke a couple of lipsticks that I really love. I’m not going to go into all the details here because I’ll eventually get around to filming a video tutorial on this, but essentially the important thing to take away from this hack is a broken lipstick or cracked eyeshadow isn’t the end of the world for that product. I have a bunch of products that have needed to be repotted and the process has left them unharmed. It’s just something to keep in mind and when put in the right containers these are super handy for travelling!

There you have it. My list of ten beauty hacks that you might actually find a use for some day. I use these all the time and at the very least my microwave hasn’t exploded like it would have with that spoon trick I mentioned earlier. So hey, there’s always that to be positive about! I’m always up for learning some new tricks so if you have any to share be sure to pop them in the comments section below and I’ll get around to giving them a try.

x ac


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