MAC Studio Sculpt Review!

I was sitting at my desk the other day, essentially putting off writing a literature review for one of my units when I started going through my makeup collection and just sorting out what I had and hadn’t reviewed — which it turns out is quite a lot. While I am slowly moving towards brands that work better for my skin and overall have a better chance of colour matching for me somehow I missed the giant leap I’d made in moving from one MAC foundation to another without coming here to report about it. This isn’t even a new change, and I could swear at the time I purchased it one of the most exciting things for me was the thought that I was going to be able to come home and write a blog and make a video for the channel and yet somehow despite this happening in January I completely missed it and probably just started throwing it into my look posts as if nothing had changed. The main reason I actually switched is because the Pro Longwear was really highlighting the fact that my once oily/combination skin had suddenly decided to become dry and no amount of moisturiser was helping to fix it.

Looking back, it was early January, and the big problem would have been that I was using a lot of sunscreen which tends to be quite drying on my skin. I now use a combination of the Pro Longwear and the Studio Sculpt because it really seems like my skin is handling things much better now than it was then and really they have very different places/activities for which I would use them. What I really like about the Studio Sculpt is that it is a good everyday product and that is what I’ve been using it for. Being SPF 15 does mean it’s unsuitable if you plan to have a heap of photos taken because the sunscreen in the product will immediately come up bright in any flash photography but at the same time it’s a nice light consistency and has really nice full almost heavy looking coverage without crossing into that territory of being too ‘cakey’. It’s also not suitable for oily skin as it’s very hydrating and I have found if my skin is having an oily phase I have to blot throughout the day if I’m using this product.

This is a gel based product, which I’ve really noticed makes quite a difference in how it applies. I really found it was best to press a little of this foundation into the skin with a makeup sponge rather than swiping it across with brush, which does mean a little is lost but at the same time my base was always flawless. I’ve also found that you don’t need much of this product at all. A little really goes a long way. I use this most days of the week and I’ve still got the same tube I bought in January. Actually, while I’m on that, I really love the design of the packaging for the Studio Sculpt. I’ve found with the Pro Longwear one of the main problems I have with the product is that that it seems like the pump style of the bottle means you lose quite a bit of the product to not being able to fully control how comes out of the bottle sometimes. It also makes using the product when it’s running low a bit more time consuming than I would like. The good thing about the tube is you can see how much you’ve got left and can easily get the remainder of the product out when you need to.

In terms of the how the product lasts, I’ve found one of the downsizes of this product is that it does tend to crease a little over the course of the day particularly if exposed to harsher conditions like heat — because really unlike the Pro Longwear it’s not being designed to withstand heat etc. — even though I am using a primer and sometimes it does need to be blotted if I’m having an oily day which isn’t really a big deal, just a slight inconvenience at times and overall the positives of this product for me really outweigh the negative. While I’m talking about change, I’ve also switched the MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere Primer (which I adore) and the MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Light (which I also love) and I’ll most likely talk more about these in a video or a later post when I decide to talk about my updated base routine again. I’m really love MAC for my skin, and I think the results mostly my skin freaking out less and just overall everything actually staying on for the duration of an entire day are really speaking for themselves and I’m really happy that I’ve made the switch!

Really, the rule of thumb should be if you’re considering a MAC foundation would be to go into the store/beauty counter and get some help. They have so many foundations and they all suit different skin types and your best bet at getting something that works for your skin type will be by asking! I’ll be back tomorrow with my Urban Decay Naked Palette review including my swatches of each of the colours so be on the lookout for that post. In the meantime I’d love to know what foundation are you using at the moment and whether you’d recommend it to a friend?

Enjoy the weekend!

x ac


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