e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer – First Impressions

It’s been a while since my last post – third year at university does have a way of making life a little more stressful so I thought I’d keep things simple. Today I’m back with a first impression style post and I’m hoping to have my de-stressing/relaxation post up by the end of the week considering I’m getting scarily close to exams and feel others might benefit from it. While I don’t really ever get around to doing many of these first impression posts I kind of felt it was appropriate considering I feel like I’ve been waiting for months to actually get my hands on this product so I’ve actually been excited to review it! I picked the e.l.f Complete Coverage Concealer palette up for $8 AUD at my local Kmart, and to be honest the only reason I’ve not got my hands on it sooner is that I’ve been struggling to find the light shade. While I’m really happy with MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer that I’ve been using for the past year, I was attracted to this palette style concealer mostly because it has four shades in varying tones which I’m hoping might help me out with not only concealing but also highlighting and contouring and I’ve also been finding that the fact that I only have the one really light shade isn’t exactly helping when it comes to doing my makeup once I’ve fake tanned, so I’m hoping to experiment with this over the coming weeks.

General Overview:
So, this product comes with four different shades of concealer – it’s in a fairly basic, slim black case, and when you open it up there’s also a small brush – which I have to admit is not the style of brush I would use to apply concealer, it’s flat and quite small and I’d say it’s more something I would use to apply eyeliner etc. The bristles are also quite stiff and I tend to prefer a fluffier style brush for applying concealer. The product itself has an incredibly creamy consistency and it seems like very little of the product goes a very long way – and it seems to have a really high level of coverage, which is great considering the price! Another big factor that I’m really liking about the product is that it’s also easy to blend, I used both my finger and a brush (both worked well) and it does seem to dry matte, which is a bonus.

The Colours:
Shade One: Looking at this on the back of my hand in natural light (which is where I’m testing the four shades), I would say this has a quite light pink/cool style undertone, it’s definitely one of the lighter shades (more of a suitable highlighting shade for me than anything else) in the palette and blends out really nicely on my skin going from a fairly creamy consistency to a matte dry finish.

Shade Two: Again, this is one of the lighter shades, however this one has more of a yellow/gold style base. It’s definitely a lot warmer than the first shade and it has an identical consistency to the first.

Shade Three: I found this to be the darkest shade in the palette, and while I wouldn’t use this under my eyes, particularly with how pale I actually am, I see this as a really good contouring shade, and has a very similar consistency to the previous two shades however I would say it feels a little thicker when applied.

Shade Four: The second darkest of the shades, this one is a little more natural for my skin tone when combined with the second shade, it would definitely be a suitable contouring shade if it were to be used alone.

My Final Thoughts:

I really like this palette, and as a whole – the brand – e.l.f is a really great range that’s got you covered for pretty much every occasion, whether it’s a bunch of affordable brushes, great HD Powders or even a wide variety of primers and concealers. Overall, this is an incredibly well priced product, even if it is a little hard to get your hands on. I like that you get four colours, which really when you think about it brings each individual shade down to about $2 AUD each. There’s also a fairly generous amount of each. The coverage is also fantastic, and I really like the four shades are each highly pigmented and none of them are all too similar. While it may not be the palette for all occasions, I feel as though while these shades are quite dark they might not be dark enough to meet contouring the preferences for some – this is still a really great basic palette which would be a great addition to any makeup kit. I’m really looking forward to introducing this to my daily makeup routine so that I can comment a little later on the staying power of the product and whether it creases or shifts throughout the day but by all initial accounts I’m really liking this product and I’m glad I finally got my hands on it!

Have you tried this product – or any of the other e.l.f concealers – let me know in the comments below!
x ac


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