OXX Lip Liner Pencil Review

Obviously I have a problem, the sort of problem which means I can’t wander into Kmart with all their appropriately priced goods and head straight for the makeup department, mostly because it means I’m without a doubt going to spend a bunch of money I don’t have. Moving on from that confession to a fairly similar, if not related one – I was in Kmart the other day – experiencing the downfalls of being a makeup and beauty addict when I found a small stand with a cheaper range of products called ‘OXX’. The packaging on these wasn’t the greatest, but when I see lip liners that might potentially work for under $3 AUD I kind of can’t help myself which seems to be a common theme with my review style blogs. I decided to purchase two of these, the first being a bright pink shade and the second being a bright red. They were $2 AUD each and they seemed okay (okay being the keyword here) at first glance – the difference was they were alright when I drew a line down the back of my hand to test the product initially, then another matter entirely when I applied both products to my face which I shall now discuss below:

I’m not a pink person, at least I don’t necessarily classify myself as one. That obviously didn’t stop me from buying this. The big problem I would say with this colour, would be that the only thing that comes even remotely to matching it in my collection is Australis’ MA-LI-BOO, and even then the product is a matte lip cream and really doesn’t lend itself to a lip liner. I found that while this is a highly pigmented product, it’s also very easy to smudge. While some might rejoice at this, I tend to prefer that things I want staying put – well, you know – stay put. The fact that this shifted around a lot throughout the day bothered me and meant I did have to reapply, and I feel like that’s not really what I was going for considering lip lining is an extra effort I don’t tend to bother myself with and instead just go for long lasting products instead. The fact that this bled/feathered a little over the course of the day when I overdrew my lips was also a pain – but really there wasn’t a lot that I could expect from a $2 lip liner.

I have a few products with the word ‘siren’ in the name, and it generally seems to suggest a deep red colour. From the outside, this seems to be a fairly safe assumption with this lip pencil as well. I thought it would be right up to applying it, it’s definitely not a deep red, despite the name – and I would say it’s definitely got an orange-base to it making it slightly inappropriate for almost every single shade of red lipstick I own. I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently about selecting the right red for my skin tone, and while trying to get the colour and my skin tone to match seems to be about as much fun as poking myself in the eye with a recently sharpened eyeliner pencil – as far as I can tell, a slightly more orange type base seems to be the way I should be going with my selections, so this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing for me. I found when I applied this product that it really wasn’t the kind of shade for me as it was almost awkwardly orange instead of red and while it applies creamy its really just a bit of a mess and tends to bleed a little making it quite pointless as a lip liner. Not only this, but it really experiences some of the same issues as the Fuchsia colour above making it a bit of a disappointment in all areas for me.

Overall, if you’re looking for something cheap and fun in terms of a lip liner, really you’re not going to be going too wrong with these but at the end of the day they’re far from the best products on the market. They’re not entirely water resistant/waterproof which is a slight issue when they are sitting around your lips, and I think this is the major contributing factor to the bleeding issue. The colours are highly pigmented and they are a really rich, creamy matte finish product which will appeal to some people. While they may not be my cup of tea, they might be yours – I’m personally just beginning to think that lip lining is just something that is not for me. I guess it’s just an each to their own type matter! They’re definitely cheap and widely available so there’s always that working for them at the end of the day, even if the colours and products themselves weren’t for me!

Have you tried any of the OXX products – what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

x ac


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