(Makeup) Party in the USA

As you might have guessed from my hideously long absence, I’ve finally made the trip from small town Australia to larger town USA for the fall semester, 2015, and while I’m currently studying, that doesn’t mean I have any excuses for not posting and sharing all the wonderful things I finally get to try now that I have access to everything. And you can bet, that despite the fact I’ve only been here a month, I’ve completely scoped out the makeup and beauty situation and look forward to bringing you a ton of posts documenting my experiences and purchases — and really, just enjoying not being heavily taxed on makeup for the first time in my life! Without further ado, I bring you my entire months worth of makeup purchases and a fairly brief rundown on what I thought:

  • MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry $16 USD – This is an absolutely gorgeous red/gold shade. I’ve actually been using it on my outer corner and blending it into a gold, generally either a combination of Caramel from Too Faced’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette with a little Half Baked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette or just Half Baked on it’s own, it works so well with nice bold gold tones and really nice with the rosiness of Caramel. I’ve also been blending it in to Shadowy Lady which intensifies it so perfectly. Overall, this is an amazingly pigmented colour and it’s absolutely gorgeous when smudged out on the lower lash line as well.
  • MAC Eyeshadow in Shadowy Lady $16 USD – I’ve heard this one is pretty hit or miss where MAC fans are concerned, and it’s fairly easy to see why this one does divide opinion. It’s dark, yes, it’s a purple/burgundy shade and it’s highly pigmented, meaning that you want to be very precise with where you’re applying it and how much of it you’re using or things can just turn into a burgundy mess. But with a little care this colour is just beautiful, I’m generally the sort of person who wears a darker wardrobe so dark colours are my jam, so I’m really loving this and it really just works so well with a purple or wine coloured lip as well!
  • Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Thunderstuck $20 USD – I need to hold myself back where this product is concerned, mostly because it is quite possibly my favourite thing I’ve purchased so far, a big call I know, but it’s just so, pretty in a way you’d never expect it to be. It looks like your run of the mill shadow, but it’s so much more. Believe when I wrote that I made the strangest face ever. I use this as a highlight and a shadow and it’s just so pretty. It’s a beautiful champagne colour – and there is literally nothing I can write that can appropriately convey how much I freaking love this colour. Literally nothing. It’s just that good. So be sure to give it a try because I’ve been wearing it every day since I bought it.
  • NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo In Orgasm/Laguna $40 USD – I’ve wanted this for years, and I really can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve swatched these colours when in a Mecca Maxima. While not necessarily much cheaper than they would be at home I took this as my opportunity to spoil myself, and realistically there’s nothing I can tell you about these colours that you probably haven’t already heard, but I’m a fan — from the soft pink of Orgasm, to the glittery gold tones in Laguna. This duo is perfection on my skin.
  • MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20 $33 USD  and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 $21 USD – I’ve spoken about both of these at length, I love them both, I would have usually gone with the Studio Sculpt, however I’ve found my skin largely oily here in the humidity and the Sculpt is just a little too heavy considering that so I’ve moved back to the Pro Longwear which I also love. You can read more about my thoughts on that in this post.
  • MAC Lip Pencil in Whorl $16 USD – I walked in and asked for the Kylie Jenner look and this is what I walked out with, and while I knew sort of what I wanted I really didn’t know what to expect with this colour on my skin tone — I was pleasantly surprised, I really love it and I’m looking forward to experimenting a little more with it and working on some colour combinations that suit a few different looks I’m loving at the moment.
  • MAC Lip Stick – Satin – Viva Glam II $18 USD – This is just one of those gorgeous nude colours you just have to have once you’ve seen it. It’s got a little pink in it, which usually wouldn’t have been my thing, that was until I applied with with Whorl and everything changed. It’s both a great colour for a bold going out look or really just for everyday wear — I wasn’t really a nude lipstick kind of girl until this year, and I have to say this definitely one of my favourites so far. Everything from the colour to the satin finish has me falling more in love with it.
  • NARS Lip Pencils Rikugien and Cruella – I got these as part of my ‘Birthday Gift’ from Sephora and while I’m not the biggest fan of Rikugien, Cruella on the other hand is absolutely gorgeous. Cruella is a lovely deep red and it’s really the sort of colour I just like wearing on a daily basis, where as Rikugien was just a little too pink and brown all at once to really capture my heart in the same way. If you’re a member at Sephora be sure to collect these on your birthday, they’re the sorts of colours that make a handy addition to any lipstick collection!

Clearly, I’ve been busy — and so has my bank account. I’ve got a review on some nail products that I bought last week coming up this week, as well as a review on a heap of really nice Bath and Body Works shower gels and fragrance mists that I bought in a sale last week almost read to go. Not only this but I’m looking forward to my travels over the next five months, so be sure to be on the lookout for the odd travel-related post or two which will be scattered around my other posts each month! I’m so excited to be able to share my adventures with you all, so until next time, keep safe and enjoy the beautiful changing of seasons, whether in the world you might be.

x ac


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