Makeup Geek Duochrome First Impressions


Wow, time flies when you’re having fun, or studying Anatomy. Both are perfectly acceptable ways to pass the time, I suppose, though one is clearly more fun than the other. So, in the spirit of having a little fun today, I’m bringing to you my first impression review of the Makeup Geek Duochromes knowing full well that I should have posted something on here weeks, if not months ago.

Okay, enough of that rambling, I ordered the four of these a couple of weeks ago from their website which you can find here. These were all $6 US each which was an absolute bargain as far as I’m concerned and the postage, well I just opted for the (cheaper) standard option which I believe was $1.99 US. It came all packed up in a box with heaps of packing and bubble wrap so I’m definitely happy with that even though I had to wait so long for them to arrive and overall, they’re cheap and amazing products so it’s been a positive experience overall. These colours, rather than me repeating myself four times are incredibly pigmented, a little of them goes a long way and I really love how smoothly they go on but what’s the best part? Under different light each of these appears to be a different colour and that’s exactly why I bought them. The packaging is also really nice, considering these are just pans — I’m just going to emphasize that again, if you are buying these you are likely going to need something to keep them in, just something to keep in mind when shopping on Makeup Geek, a lot of the products are just in pans.

Here’s the swatches I took:


Secret Garden: At first sight, I believed this to be a mostly green shade, on second inspection I was really surprised to find that yes, while it is definitely emerald, there is definitely elements of brown, blue and almost a gold type shade incorporated into this shadow. In the swatch above, you can see that it does give off quite a vibrant emerald sheen, however, the slightest movement brings out some of the other shades and really, at the end of the day I don’t quite know to make of it. It seems like the sort of colour I have all the right intentions with, in my head I told myself it would be perfect for a night out and that I could totally rock it during the day — now, I’m not quite so sure. It’s beautiful, and yes, it’s pigmented, but I really don’t know what kind of place it’s going to have in my makeup routines. I can see some really cool looks that it could work with, but at this stage I’ll be treating this one with a little caution in terms of how I use it — I feel it could be the sort of thing I very easily overdo in the corner knowing my heavy hands.

Steampunk: I saw this colour on the site and it was love. Like the sort of love I only experience when I see something I really desperately need, like a new Urban Decay palette or some new brushes from Sigma. That kind of love. It was grungy and glittery and just my entire life aesthetic if we are being more than a little honest. I love how gold this colour is, how dark and yet how beautifully blue it is under different lights and how incredible it was when I used it on the outer third of my eye on a night out. It caught the light in all sorts of magical ways I can’t even begin to explain. This one also has a beautiful green type undertone that I am looking forward to experimenting with a little cautiously, mostly because green is not my usual colour but I’m excited nevertheless.

Phantom: This was the token ‘I don’t know about this shade’ from my order, but I figured for $6 what damage was a strange colour I might never use again really going to do? But the second I tried it on it really became one of my favourite colours from the purchase, mostly because it’s silvery and pink and it’s going to make an absolute killer of an inner corner highlight when I finally get around to using it. I’m also really excited to use it as a highlight at some point as well. It captures light in a really pretty way so I’ll be looking forward to experimenting with it!

Blacklight: Okay, I’d just like to say that I saw someone use this on YouTube and it’s the thing that actually sold me on Makeup Geek in the first place. The shimmer on this was to die for in the video and on my skin, I’m even more impressed than I thought I would be. It’s got silver, gold, purple and pink type shades in it, though I’m not sure I’m even correctly identifying colours anymore. Essentially, I got this to work as a really intense inner corner highlight, however on second thought, I’m thinking Phantom has that covered and this can just be a superstar in it’s own right. I absolutely love how pigmented this colour is and even though it’s light, it can totally stand out on it’s own with very little work.

Overall, I was so impressed with these colours that I immediately got on Makeup Geek and bought four more, so in the next couple of weeks I’ll likely, if I find a little spare time, review these before I pack them all up to send back home. I know I’m hardly going to be able to help myself so I wouldn’t be surprised if I prioritize that over everything else. So at the current time I’m waiting on the following Duochromes: I’m Peachless, Mai Tai, Ritzy and Voltage and to say that I’m excited would be a complete and utter understatement. In the mean time let me know how your experience with Makeup Geek been, what colours you think I need to try and what I definitely order before I hop on a plane in a little under two months to head home.

x ac.


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