Bath and Body Works Fall Haul

If it were not obvious by my obsession with the Australian brand LUSH already, I absolutely cannot avoid walking into a store that has a gorgeously strong scent — and only the good kind of course — so naturally, I was drawn to Bath and Body Works. What was even better was the fact that they were having a sale which meant that if I purchased three full priced items I would get three for free – this deal is still going too, even a few weeks after I got these! It seems like the sort of offer you can’t refuse right? Well, seeing as I most definitely was not in need of 6 shower gels and fragrance mists of any description a friend and I decided to split the deal between us, in the end I ended up with four products that I’ve been obsessing over for the last week mostly because I’ve smelt like anything from a bowl of Starbursts to apples to just looking ridiculously sparkly for no apparent reason:

  • Dark Kiss Fine Fragrance Mist – $14 USD
  • Dark Kiss Shower Gel – $12.50* USD
  • A Thousand Wishes Diamond Shimmer Mist – $16 USD
  • Suncrisp Apple Harvest Fine Fragrance Mist – $14 USD*

I’ll talk about the Dark Kiss Fragrance Mist and Shower Gel together, because considering they are the exact same scent that made sense to me — I really loved this, as did my friend. It’s a really rich, deep fragrance which manages at the same time to be incredibly sweet as well. I found the shower gel to be really soft on my skin, though I’d say it was a little drying which is a slight downside and I’m not sure why considering it has aloe, Vitamin E and Shea Butter in it, it did however leave the scent on my skin for hours after I used it which is something I really loved about this product. I really love the fragrance mist, but I really don’t think the shower gel is something I’d buy again, mostly because it retails at the price of a LUSH shower gel or body wash and I find they’re a lot kinder on my skin and smell just as good.

Harvest Apple was the most interesting of the scents that I bought, mostly because I never imagined myself, in a million years, buying something that would make me smell like apples, then again this is a bit more spiced than that. I’d say it’s almost on the level of an apple pie. But at the same time it’s still a crisp, fresh kind of scent that works for a casual day, and it’s actually what I’m wearing as I write this quick review post. I think it’s something fun, probably not something I’d wear on a night out or to a serious event but I think it’s the sort of thing you could get away with as an everyday scent if you like apples. Plus, what was a trip to the US without getting heavily involved in the Fall excitement?

The A Thousand Wishes Diamond Shimmer Mist is interesting, mostly because it sort of smells like something is baking in the oven after a while on the skin, but it’s also got a really nice heavy scent about it that is still quite wearable. For me the real reason I bought it was the shimmer which I would not in a million years actually spray onto my clothes on a normal day, but I love spraying myself, particularly over a fake tan, for a night out. It just adds a bit of glitter/sparkle to a look that I really love. While it’s not the strongest of scents — it’s easily lost in comparison to Dark Kiss — I think it’s just right for a night out when the last thing you really have time for is to be smelling like a bed of roses and it does the job well enough for pre-club drinks etc. It’s just not something I’d wear every day.

The one last thing that made my day in Bath and Body Works was the lovely woman in line who gave me a coupon she was sent which got us an additional 20% off! In the end for six products we paid approximately $33 which was, as far as I’m concerned a bargain! And while I’m still really confused as to why I’d want to smell like apples, or as the huge display in the store suggested a pumpkin I’m really happy with the products I did buy and they’ve become a part of my daily routine. These are just a really nice everyday alternative to perfume which can be a little heavy and damaging if applied to clothes, and really anything to stop the rate that I’m running through my bottle of Zara White pleases me! Is there something I should be trying from Bath and Body Works while I’m still in the country, let me know in the comments below, particularly seeing as they have released their holiday range which looks really exciting!

x ac


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