Anastasia Beverly Hills – Sweets Glow Kit Review


What is this? Two posts in a week? The world must be coming to an end. No, readers, it’s not. I just ordered this at the same time as the Modern Renaissance palette, and boy am I excited because I see that highlight — I see it on Instagram — and I desire it, because who doesn’t want that glow that cuts the haters with it’s razor sharp edges (that quote belongs to my housemate, he really doesn’t understand it at all) but to really bring this back — I see these palettes all over Instagram and my god I haven’t wanted anything more than this in a long time. AND IT’S HERE AND I’VE BEEN USING IT FOR A WEEK SO I FEEL AS THOUGH I AM IN A PERFECT POSITION TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE HIGHLIGHTERS. I will say that I was a little hesitant because some of these colours (read: Sassy Grape being purple) really frightened me a little (read: a lot) but having had time to work with them I’ve kind of found my own way to wear them — and really isn’t that what makeup is about. So let’s get into it shall we?

Okay, to start off with, I have ~ s W a T c H e S~ and they are actually in order, which as you’d know for me — it’s a freaking miracle. So here the glow is in all it’s ~ g L o W y ~ glory.

As is the case with all ABH Glow Kits, you get four shades. In the Sweets Kit, you get Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch and Taffy all of which are you know, inspired by sweets? They are huge pans — you get 7.4g of product per pan which is actually quite a lot when I think about it, and you can pop each one out, which is also handy if you want to take one travelling but not the others. I always love magnetic pans for this kind of thing so I can just throw all the things I actually want to take into a single palette rather than palette after palette, which I am still prone to doing from time to time anyway. The packaging is also really beautiful, it shines in the light and has glitter throughout it, my one complaint is a lack of mirror, however, I can see why a mirror is perhaps as not necessary with this as it would be with an eyeshadow palette, but it’s just a thought for the future I guess?

As highlighters I loved Marshmallow and Sassy Grape, the purple just really blended in so beautifully that it wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it would be? But that glow, yo! They are gorgeous as highlighters. As you can see from my swatches every colour is so beautifully pigmented and so soft to touch. They all just blend like a dream as well — can you tell I’m already a convert? I’m a little more torn on the use of Butterscotch and Taffy as highlighters on a pale being such as myself. I ended up loving Butterscotch as a bronzer topper and Taffy as an amazing topper on a few of my more brown toned blushes. Taffy was also a beautiful eyeshadow which just gives me life because now I just know I can use the others for the same thing into the future. I just know that I will be getting my hands on as many of these Glow Kits as I possibly can and will let you know what I think about each of them and I know some of these colours and the colours in the Moon Child palette aren’t for everyone, but just think about the possibilities and how you aren’t limited with makeup — it’s what you make of it, within reason of colour — I am in no way suggesting lining your lips with lipstick or anything that crazy — just that you exercise your creative freedom.

I feel like this palette falls into a fairly natural highlighter palette range, it’s certainly not as crazy as it could have been, and it can look a little frightening, but as I’m stretching my legs with makeup a little more I’m finding I appreciate these kind of palettes for being different, for shaking things up and for just being themselves and doing it so beautifully. Overall, this is another winner for me — and it’s definitely taking a top position in the ranking for some of my favourite shades of highlighters — for me this brand is a winner and I can’t wait to get my hands on more products so I can do more tutorials and get more creative with their beautiful range of colours.

Until next time,
x ac


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