My Holy Grail Drugstore Foundation


When we talk about ‘holy grail’ products, we talk about products that literally never fail to do what they are meant to do — realistically, they are our go to products — the ones we find ourselves reaching for time and time again. The problem is, for me at least, these products tend to be high end. And with that comes the little voice in my head (that stupid sensible money rationing part) panics and reaches for something else instead. It’s for this reason that I’m so excited to have found: MY HOLY GRAIL DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION. Let the heavens open up and the angels sing because for the small price of $18.25 my skin can look ~ F l A w L e S s ~ for the whole day. We’re talking a solid 12+ hours of good transfer-free coverage. Of course, I still absolutely live and breathe for the use of MAC’s Prolongwear Foundation and Studio Sculpt Foundation — both of which have never failed me, but this is right up there. In fact I’ve worn this out on a few occasions and it comes up really nicely in photos and actually doesn’t look like you’re wearing a foundation at all and considering when you know you’re going to be in a sweaty club you’re going to look like a hot mess eventually this holds up really well.

This discovery didn’t come without some experimentation, I felt like I’d tried everything before I found something that stayed on for an entire day without making me look like a hot mess after 12pm — do not get me started on the Maybelline Fit Me foundation which so many people rave about which basically made it look like I’d dunked my face in oil all the while having foundation cling to my dry skin — like how does that even happen? This on the other hand is just beautiful, I love the finish, I love that it’s medium coverage and still build-able and I love that it feels so light. It is for that reason that the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation in 103 True Ivory is my current Holy Grail Foundation. I reach for this just as often as I would my MAC foundations and that’s saying something. I love that it lets just the right amount of my natural skin show through, and if I build it up I can cover it for that full faced look. I also love that it takes very little product to achieve this — I’ve been using the same bottle almost daily for two whole months and it’s only just emptying now.

There is what I consider to be a pretty large range of shades which is also useful and available fairly widely as well — I’ve seen it in Coles, Kmart, Priceline and a few other stores which stock Rimmel products — although some lack a few shades. It does say that it’s full coverage and I would have to agree, providing you use a little more than I do, I feel like this would be the case and it is definitely sweat and heat proof — I mean I work in fast food so I can say it holds up in the heat with confidence. It also has a soft finish that isn’t matte but isn’t entirely dewy and I really love that in between because it looks like skin, and sometimes that what you want, you know? My one complaint is that it contains an SPF of 20, which is nice for an everyday foundation but in some photo where I’ve used the flash on my phone it just looks pale as all hell and I wish it wouldn’t because I’m so pale as it is — regardless, you can’t please everyone and for less than $20 this is the perfect everyday foundation for me and my skin in it’s current state which I’m sure will continue to change.

If there’s a drugstore foundation you think I need to try let me know in the comments below and I’ll go searching for it, in the meantime I’m looking at filming a couple of tutorials so perhaps give me a few ideas about what you’d like to see or palettes you’d like to see me use in it.

Until next time,
x ac


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