Too Faced x Kat Von D Collab


Say hello to the @toofaced + @katvondbeauty palette from our #BetterTogether ™ collection!! DETAILS: this double-sided palette is connected magnetically and can be broken apart in halves! Each half includes all NEW shades! The#BetterTogether ™ pallete will come with full-sized BetterThanSex Mascara + TattooLiner! Internationally launches exclusively at Sephora this holiday! [12/26 in the US + Canada and Valentine’s Day internationally!] Lastly, this collection is both #vegan and #crueltyfree. And yes. This motherf*cker will be Limited Edition! #TOOFACEDxKATVOND#TOOFACEDxKATVOND#TOOFACEDxKATVOND#TOOFACEDxKATVOND – @katvondbeauty Instagram

This morning I awoke to this glorious announcement, this is exciting particularly as these are two killer brands that I absolutely adore collab-ing and this pallete design-wise looks incredible. I love that the two halves can be taken apart as well.  The real question remains as to what’s inside and there has been a lot of speculation already. Will we be getting some Too Faced shadows and Kat Von D highlighters, contour powders etc. Or will it be a complete mixture of the two? Will one half be dark and one light? That’s another question that’s been floating around. But for me the real question is whether I can wait until Valentine’s day next year to get my hands on it — or whether I get it shipped out to me after Christmas. Only time will tell. But regardless, it comes with two of my favourite products — that is a full-sized BetterThanSex Mascara and a TattooLiner and really, if that’s not a reason to trust the insides of the palette will be glorious I don’t know what is.  What do you think will be on the inside? Are you dying for it already like I am just from the packaging? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,
x ac


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