My Fitness Journey – Starting Point


I’m going to be completely honest, and while I’m never dishonest regarding anything I talk about on here, it’s just in regards to an entirely different matter: It’s getting hard to ignore how poorly I’ve been treating my body recently and I’m actually embarrassed about the photo I’ve had to post on this blog.

At 78kgs I’m a far cry from my 59kgs of this time last year. Dresses aren’t fitting and I’m starting to doubt my judgement when buying clothes online, and if we’re being entirely honest — I’m not happy, not at all.  So, for a lot of reasons it’s become important to assess how I’m treating my body. I have a number of medical conditions which have become more pronounced recently, and if I’m being honest, I can say that it’s likely the result of my body being treated without any degree of kindness. So here is my starting point, it’s time to stop treating it as an object which doesn’t matter and start treating it with the respect it deserves — I mean we only get one. Plus, this site is also lacking a significant portion of ‘lifestyle’ themed posts so I thought what better way to get started than to broadcast my shame publicly — perhaps it’ll even keep me in line if I start to stray because lets be honest I’m going to be craving coffee and banana bread come day three of eating healthy.

For ease of access, seeing as I’m far too concerned about going to a gym/can’t afford it in my current state I’ll be following Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide and the HELP Guide to a certain degree, I don’t eat dairy or seafood so I’ll be making modifications as necessary and I think I’ll check in every month or so, mostly so I can show you what I’m doing, what’s worked and what hasn’t. The reason I like this guide is because it has pictures, and trust me, it seems like a small thing but one of the biggest fears as someone trying to start out is embarrassment and not having any idea of what to do and this kind of removes that. You can do it at home and to be honest that’s kind of ideal for someone like me and I kind of thought it would be interesting to judge how my progress occurs and when and whether these Bikini Body Guides actually produce the results I desire.

As I’m big on goal setting, I felt that it’s important for me to set reasonable goals, and for that reason I have set five for the first month, at which point I’ll be checking in and weighing in on how I’ve been finding things and what I think I may need to alter considering my ankle is still incredibly weak from tearing the ligament in February this year. I’ll also be posting what an average weeks meals will look like at that stage as I’ll be modifying my eating habits as well and hopefully these kinds of posts are somewhat interesting, if they’re not well at least there’s going to be four or so of them? Trust me I’m not looking forward to taking more of those side by side photos for display to the world. So, speaking of those goals, they are as follows:


  • I have to accept that things won’t happen overnight and I need to do what’s right for me.
  • I need to drink more water. (I currently drink none.)
  • I need to drink less coffee.
  • Be the best version of yourself that you can be.
  • Lose 5kgs

They’re nothing extravagant, sure — but considering where I am currently I feel they are within my reach generally speaking and they are possible. Trust me, when you start work at 5am not being able to have a coffee is going to be an absolute killer — but hey, it’s all for my benefit in the end. I can say I have done day one at this stage, and it’s hard, I was not anticipating just how hard 28 minutes could be until I found myself jumping up and down for minutes at a time and my god it burns. These work outs are not an easy fix that much is very clear, but if the testimonials are anything to go by — they yield results — it’s just a matter of persisting and sticking with it for my own good — and let me just say I hope there’s a lot of makeup and clothes as a self-reward at the end of all this burning torture.

Until next time,
x ac


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