NYX Mini Haul – Glam Liners and Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

I don’t know whether this can be called a haul, or even a mini haul considering that it’s just three products but you know what? I’m going to call it a mini haul for lack of a better phrase. So today I’ll be trying out a few products I picked up from Priceline. I’ve been seeing a lot of different coloured liners in YouTube tutorials and I’ve been really interested in these Glam Liners from NYX for a while so I thought why not give them a go? Considering NYX has been a little hard to come by in Australia — or at least anything more than a very small portion of the range — I was super surprised to find that they are now in Priceline, and not just a tiny part of their range, but rather almost everything — palettes, liners, lipsticks and let’s just say that I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on more of their products and you can be sure that there will be a lot more NYX reviews on this blog in the coming months. So let’s get started!


Glam Liner Aqua Luxe – 01 – Azure

As you can see this is the beautiful blue/teal shade in the image above. I found this to be beautifully pigmented and I’ve been wearing it on my arm for the entire day and it’s not budged. I’ll be wearing it on my eyes tonight and I’ll definitely be able to let you know how it goes where it’s more likely to transfer. I love that this picks up beautiful silver pigments in the light and it’s really just a beautiful bold liner that is just so unique and makes it so easy to dress up or glam up a rather natural look in a unique way. I also love that it is super pigmented, a single line came out without any patches. It has a really thin brush that makes drawing super thin lines an absolute breeze. Overall,  for $9.95 I absolutely love this product.

Glam Liner Aqua Luxe – 04 – 24 Ka

I am a little on the fence about this one, it’s basically it’s a beautiful gold shade, however I found that it’s definitely not as pigmented as the Azure liner and this was obvious when I was trying to build up a small rectangle of product to show you in these photos. It also cost $9.95, however I’m just not as happy with it. It flakes off very easily and definitely hasn’t survived the day on my arm. I also found that the glitter transfers when touched and overall if you’re looking for a gold liner, I’d say definitely give this one a miss, there’s something about the formula that just doesn’t work for me at all and I wouldn’t say it’s even remotely transfer proof.


Lingerie Liquid Lipstick – 09 – Corset

It seems like absolutely every brand either has — or is in the process of releasing liquid lipsticks. NYX of course is no exception, there was an entire section of liquid lipsticks which made picking a liquid lipstick an absolute nightmare. Then I found these. The names are all lingerie inspired, and the colours are beautiful nudes which was like a shining beacon of hope in the makeup aisle for me. I chose this shade as it was a pink-ish, nude colour, quite similar to Colourpop’s Trap at first appearance. I will say as much as I love the colour, the formula leaves a little more to be desired.  I found that while it dries, it remains sticky — almost as if the product hasn’t dried, but at the same time, I was struggling to force this patch to transfer, so while it’s matte, if you don’t like them feeling a little sticky, maybe this formula won’t be for you. I’ve also found that the application can be a little patchy unless you really work at building it up, but that’s made easy but the super long, incredibly thin applicator which I personally loved. So if I were to rate this one I’d give it a 5/10 — there are some things I love, but the formula leaves a bit to be desired.

Overall, I found these were a little hit and miss, and it’s really a given with any brand. There will always be products that work for you and products that do not. I love the Azure Liners formula, but on the other hand I wasn’t sold on that of the others. But considering there’s obviously greater availability of products I’m thinking I’ll have to add to my collection of NYX products soon. But if you’re looking for something unique in the way of liners these might definitely be worth checking out — but I’d say there’s nothing unique about the lingerie lipsticks, for $14.95 I’d be expecting a little more when I’d consider Colourpop to be producing superior quality matte liquid lipsticks compared to these. What do you think about these products and are others that I definitely need to give a try?

Let me know,
x ac


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