My 2016 Beauty Wishlist

It feels like it’s been such a long time since my last post! (When really it’s been a mere 10 days). It’s been a few hectic weeks in final year-of-University-land and I thought I’d get things started up again with a beauty wishlist. I was thinking about this for a while, and came to the conclusion that this list had to be defined the products with a release date within 2016 — however, is it by no means extensive, as I can think of at least 100 other products I’ve been dying to try that I wish I could have on this list, and to save you the boring details I have decided to condense this — if only slightly, and provide reasoning for me coveting such objects, some of which I intend to buy and others, well I might just have to let them go to the world of things I could have owned but was too poor to actually buy. Let’s get started:

  • Tarte x Grav3yardgirl’s Swamp Queen Palette — The chances of me ever getting my hands on this are almost zero. It was never released here and half the sites ran out before I could get my hands on one or don’t provide shipping to Australia without use of a forwarding company. If I do manage to find one of these I will be snapping it up without a second thought, there are some lovely colours in this palette and I absolutely love the creativity and idea of having a whole face style palette such as this.
  • NikkieTutorials x Too Faced Palette — I absolutely love the concept behind this palette, what I don’t like is that you can’t order directly from the Too Faced Website to Australia, and thus I’ve got to wait for Mecca Maxima to release the palette here and apparently, or at least from what I’ve seen, it’s still a few weeks away from dropping. I love the versatility of this palette, and in particular, that it comes with several popular products.
  • Kat Von D x Too Faced — Better Together Palette — This should come as no surprise to anyone, I’ve been raving about this palette for weeks now, and the promotional images only make me want it more. I don’t care if shipping costs me a small fortune, I will have this.
  • The Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Palette — I’ve been tossing up whether I truly need this one, and then on the weekend I was speaking to someone wearing it who absolutely loves it and her recommendation all but sold this to me in an instant. It’s one of those palettes that I probably don’t need, but rather just want. As far as unique highlighters go, this has to be up there.
  • The Kat Von D – Lock It Tattoo Foundation and Concealer — I desperately wish I didn’t want this as much as I do, but I keep getting emails from Sephora with this in it and it just makes me want it every time I see it. This is with me having seen some really flaky reviews which suggest it might work really badly on my skin, but it’s Kat Von D, I love all of her makeup and the packaging on these is to die for — I’d almost be happy with a sample just to see if it’s as great or as awful as some people say. I’ll see if I can make that happen.
  • The Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation/Concealer/Highlight — I haven’t seen any reviews on these, and it might come as bit of a surprise, but my favourite foundations tend to be those of the stick variety. I’m just trying to think whether I’ve reviewed any on here, but one of my all-time favourite foundations is actually an Australis Stick Foundation of all things. Plus, they are really well priced for a higher end brand’s foundation so I’ll be getting a couple of these when I order Moon Child, because why not take advantage of a single shipment?
  • The Kathleen Lights x Makeup Geek Highlight Palette — I admit, I’m a total fool for highlighting palettes, and I just love the range of colours in this one, that and in my experience Kathleen Lights’ collaborations have served me well as I have both of her Colourpop Shadow Collabs and a few of the lipsticks. However, the price of this one which is what is keeping me clear. For $35 I could come close to an ABH Glow Kit, and I’m just not sure I want to part with that kind of money for three shades.
  • Artis Brush’s Oval 8 Brush — Really, I’d just be happy with any of their brushes – liner, oval, heck I’d use it for anything considering how much people rave about these brushes, and how many dupes are floating around. I just don’t know if I’m prepared to pay $60+ USD for a brush? That’s like $100 AUD/5 hours of me taking orders at work fot one brush. And yet I think if I had a spare $100 I might accidentally slip, so I don’t actually go on their website anymore. Regardless. I want it/them all.
  • NARS — NARSISSIST Dual-Intensity Cheek Palette — What is my life, what choices have led me to a place where I want $100 AUD worth of limited-edition, dual-intensity blush palette that contains highlighter, blush, and contouring tones. Oh yeah, this place — and I’m not ashamed, and I will probably get this because without a doubt NARS produces the best cheek products, in my opinion.

  • Milk Makeup – Holographic Stick — Talk about being a sucker for highlight. These are $25 USD for one colour, but I’m a holosexual (and by that I mean I watch a lot of simplynailogical videos and live for the HOLO) and would eat oats for a week if it meant I could rub this all over my face.
  • Urban Decay — All Nighter Liquid Foundation — Because I haven’t tortured my bank account enough. I mean the packaging alone is as good a reason as any, plus you can never have too many foundations.

  • La Prairie — Cellular Treatment Loose Powder — So for a nice round $120 USD, that’s nearly $200 AUD for those playing the conversion game at home, you can apparently have one of the nicest loose powders ever. And I want it. Just to see whether it feels like 10 hours of solid work on my face.

And that’s it, the list of things I desire and will be shoving in Santa’s mail box come December, because let’s be realistic, there are a lot of bills I could be paying before I can go out and spend more than $200 on a single loose powder, which is a shame because I’ve genuinely only heard good things, maybe one day I’ll own nice things, but today, and likely not this decade, is not that time in my young life.

Until next time,
x ac


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