ebay Wednesday – 15 Piece ZOEVA Brush Set


I’ve been eyeing off the ZOEVA sets for some time now, and having done a little investigating I found that you could buy sets on eBay for a fraction of the price and thought what the hell — the worst that could happen is I would be down $30 or so and have 14 shedding brushes, which I’d admit would suck a little, but not as much as being $126 down, I guess? I ended up going for a black and rose gold set, mostly because I thought they would look nice in the containers on my desk if all else failed — and the set I ended up buying is loosely based on this actual set — which you can purchase from Sephora’s website for $126 AUD — here — this set (the real set) comes with the following items:

  1. Powder Brush
  2. Silk Finish Brush
  3. Face Shape Brush
  4. Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush
  5. Concealer Buffer
  6. Soft Definer Brush
  7. Petit Crease Brush
  8. Wing Liner Brush
  9. Large clutch (24cm x 18cm)

The set I purchased on eBay — is the 15pc set from this retailer for about $30 AUD and I received the following:

  1. 106 / Powder Brush
  2. 112 / Face Curve Brush
  3. 103 / Defined Buffer Brush
  4. 127 / Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush
  5. 109 / Face Paint Brush
  6. 129 / Fan Brush
  7. 142 / Concealer Buffer Brush
  8. 228 / Luxe Crease Brush*
  9. 227 / Luxe Soft Definer Brush
  10. 230 / Luxe Pencil Brush*
  11. 322 / Brow Line Brush
  12. 317 / Wing Liner Brush
  13. 234 / Luxe Smoky Shader Brush
  14. 226 / Smudger Brush
  15. Large Clutch (24cm x 18cm)

Initially, what I noticed is that there definitely was a very chemically smell when opening the bag, much similar to that of a strong glue. However this faded very quickly. The second thing I noticed was these brushes mirrored the actual product, which I wasn’t expecting for a set worth the price of a single brush. However, it goes without saying that there are some exceptions: the 228 / Luxe Crease Brush isn’t as tapered as the actual brush, neither is the 230 / Luxe Pencil Brush, however these are the only small differences I have noticed from the brushes. I also ran them along my hands a bit and it doesn’t seem like there is much shedding — however, I will be careful when washing these as I know even with Sigma brushes, the slightest wrong move and you’ll get a loosening of the glue. I also found in my several days of using them that do seem to be picking the product up nicely — however, I’ll come back to this in a few weeks of using them and let you know how they’re going.

While the brushes I received were not the brushes that lined up with the set actually put out by ZOEVA, I have to admit I’m very happy with them for the price — I mean, realistically I was expecting the worst and what I got were some nice soft brushes, a few that were a little off, but overall fairly good products which is the most you can hope for when you take a bit of a gamble like this. The bag is also really nice and I’ll probably just end up using it as another travel bag for my brushes or perhaps just to store makeup in my handbag. I guess we’ll see. I do know that not everyone has the best experience when buying knock offs, but I’ve been pretty lucky by the looks of things — what are your thoughts on eBay/Ali Express brushes/what are some good stores/sellers of them — let me know in the comments below !

Until next time,
x ac

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