Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review


Let me preface this by saying, I have not tried the actual Beauty Blender, because I cannot fathom paying  $30 AUD for a sponge, granted, supposedly the best beauty sponge available, but $30 — that is an hour and a half of me order taking on something I personally believe can pick up elsewhere for a fraction of the price or pick up something of a similar quality to for less. So today, seeing as Priceline was having a sale, I thought I would review the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This will not be a comparison — I can’t really compare it to something I’ve never tried — but there are plenty of articles and videos which toss up the pros and cons of each for you, but the overall pro of these sponges as far as I can tell is that they came in a pack of two, for $23.63 AUD — that is, I got two Real Techniques Sponges for less than the cost of a single Beauty Blender, and that is where the comparisons start and end.

Of course — considering that I’ve mostly used either the cheap-ass sponges you buy in a pack of fifty from Kmart or the little applicator sponge I got in a MAC pressed powder — don’t judge me, it works an absolute treat! — I actually had to consult some videos on how best to use these. So, after dampening the sponge, I immediately noticed it had grown in size, about one third to be exact when comparing it with the other — I also noticed that it had become a lot softer than it’s non-dampened counterpart. It didn’t lose any of it’s shape during this process either, it still has one flat end which is for contouring and a pointed egg-shape end which is for concealing.

Applying a little concealer to my face, I began to blend the product out using the bouncing motion so many people talk about and I have to say it does do a great job of blending out the product, and as far as I can tell — it’s not really soaking up too much of it either. I noticed at this point that the packet also says that the sides, which are rounded, are for the blending of large areas and so I used this to blend out a little foundation, and found similar results. I love the small pointed end for getting into the corners of my eye and in and around my nose, and it also allowed me to spot conceal the few little acne concerns I have at the moment. I’m not entirely sure about using the flat end for highlighting and contouring as I’m not one to bake my face at all — I feel like I use enough product as is without packing it onto my face, but I’m sure if you were after crisp edges that this may be of interest to you.

Overall, this product does not soak up a ridiculous amount of product, it’s affordable, which in my books is an immediate draw card, it makes blending things out very simple although I’m going to have to run to the bathroom each morning to dampen it, that’s not a big downside– I’m going to have to get back to you on the cleaning though! I’m trying to figure out how that’s going to work without damaging the sponge although considering most people say they are getting 5+ months life out of these sponges I am going to say that it works fairly well without having tried that aspect. So to summarise, if you’re looking for a beauty sponge that doesn’t come in a pack of fifty and isn’t actually intended for powder, then these may be worth your consideration. That and they’re currently on sale at Priceline.

Have you tried these in comparison to the Beauty Blender, am I actually missing out, should I really stop being a tight arse and just buy it? What are your thoughts — let me know in the comments section below!

Until next time,
x ac


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