Bio Oil First Impressions


Anyone who has been around here for a while will know I have some major issues with scarring. It’s not limited to the large burn on my right arm, or the cuts and bumps I’m accumulated in my 23 years on this planet, but mostly just from anything. I will scar if something so much as slightly damages my skin — which made having vicious, cystic acne a little bit of an issue in terms of dealing with the treatment. To remedy this, I have been placed on a yearlong course of Roaccutane, which I’m sure for anyone who knows about it — isn’t the most user friendly option, but it’s the option you take when all else has failed. I’m about six months into the treatment now, and I have noticed an incredible difference, the kind of difference people are keen to dismiss due to the negative side effects of the medication. Yes, my skin has been super dry — yes, I’ve experienced a number of the other side effects which have required separate management, but nothing has been to the extent that I would stop taking it.

I can’t remember the last time I had acne free skin, which is saying something and I’m finally having that moment in my life, where I, as an adult, don’t have to hide cystic acne.

Then of course comes the management of scarring, and that is where this comes in. I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty channels on YouTube talking about this recently. The last person to mention Bio Oil to me was my grandmother — about five years ago, mostly as a means to soften the damage to the burn on my arm. Being stubborn, having had the scar for 22 years of my life, I’d always figured that it was a long gone hope of fixing it. But my acne scarring, well that’s a different matter. You might be wondering why I want to add another oil to my skin, seeing as I already have an issue with oil — the answer lies in the dryness I’m experiencing at the moment mostly, I need something to hydrate my skin, but also when I was looking around the Bio Oil website, I found this in particular:

The best result of the clinical grading was in Bio-Oil’s ability to reduce the erythema or redness of macular (flat) acne scars, with the overall skin becoming brighter. Results of the self-assessment questionnaire showed that more than 84% of subjects experienced an improvement in the overall condition of their acne scars and more than 90% experienced an improvement in scar color. Acne count and sebum measurement results showed that using Bio-Oil does not cause or aggravate acne or increase sebum secretion.

Bio Oil Acne Scar Study, 2012

I’ve been using the oil for a couple of days now and while it does have a rather strange, plant-type smell, I’d almost say it’s eucalyptus-like but not really (wow that sounds so Australian, not being able to tell what it is so I just assume it’s the national tree) — it’s really hard to place the scent, it does soak in really nicely into my skin. I’ve been using it after washing my face before bed each night, and in the morning about 20 minutes before applying my makeup and while I’ve not noticed any immediate difference — apparently I won’t for some months — my skin does feel soft and hydrated, more so than it did with a normal moisturizer.

I haven’t found this to be too harsh on my skin at all, and I’m only using a couple of drops at most both morning and night, so I’m certainly not being too heavy on the usage either. A little really does seem to go a long way which is handy considering that 60mls of this was $15 AUD from Priceline. I’ve really been meaning to get onto beauty oils, but considering the price I’ve been hesitant, however if this works for me I may as well stick with it, plus it would be nice if I eventually see some results — but I’ll be sure to check back in and let you know about that. Particularly seeing as I’ve been looking at getting laser treatment for my scarring at the end of my Roaccutane dose if all else fails, because really, what is the point in nice clean skin if I’m ashamed of the scarring left behind? Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Bio Oil so far, and if you’re looking for something to perhaps help you with a little acne scarring, this may be something to look into!

Until next time,
x ac


2 thoughts on “Bio Oil First Impressions

  1. livilovessite says:

    I love this stuff, I’ve used it since I was little to clear up dry skin, stretch marks and stuff like that and it works every time 🙂


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