Factorie Spring Haul


It seems like the beginning of spring here in Australia has literally brought about immediate changes in the weather. Literally, the cold winter that felt like it was never going to end has been replaced with amazing sunshine and 20 degree days which of course means it’s time to transistion out of my winter wardrobe and into my spring wardrobe. Of which I have none. Spring, being the season where I attempt to buy some nice colours, and really end up going from black to navy blue. Look I tried. But my wardrobe pretty much consists of  black, black, pastel black, more black and noir and I’m not ashamed at all. My first stop, considering I have mock interviews at university this week, so I needed some neat casual clothes, and I thought a nice dress paired with some ankle boots would be a cute way to go, and that where these will come in.

First let’s talk about the denim. These jeans were $39.95 AUD, they’re a nice light denim, with some distressed portions in the front. Style-wise, they are high-waisted — because I’ve got to hide that winter tum for a while, and they are also very stretchy which is handy. I tend to find that I like my denim to be stretchy, and I don’t like it heavy — so I usually buy a summer denim. In the past I’ve raved about Wranglers, but considering I’m heading on a short holiday to try and relax a little and get away from university work and the stresses associated with it, they were out of the question. They also have a really cute range with FILA at the moment but the shirts were a little pricey for me so I’ll have to head back once I’m a little more prepared to splash out. I plan on wearing these with a few long-bell sleeved shirts I bought over winter that I like to wear out for drinks and things like that, plus they’re jeans they’re perfect for every day wear. (Also, I don’t intend on washing them because I’m gross and never wash my denim #YOLO).

The two dresses photographed above, which I folded to look like shirts for the flat lay for some unknown reason — are so cute. Both are medium length t-shirt dresses, the first is navy blue, red and white striped, the second is grey, white and a slightly lighter navy blue. They come up to about my mid-thighs, and are made of a fairly stretchy cotton. What I loved most about these was the pattern, stripes are flattering, and very spring to me. There’s also something so dressy about them when you want them to be, so that’s why I opted for these. I also love that they can be dressed down to a completely casual, sneakers and dress style look. I plan on wearing these during my holiday exactly how I just mentioned, and the best bit is that the pair of them together were $30 AUD, however if you like the style and just want one they’re $25 AUD each? I’m not going to question that logic at all.

My spring look will be mostly be completed when I acquire the following items:

  • Denim skirt
  • New denim jacket
  • Floral off the shoulder shirts
  • Light, long sleeved dresses
  • New white converse sneakers
  • A short collared t-shirt
  • A mid-length singlet style dress in navy or a rose shade

I want to keep my look fairly light, and I don’t want it to hurt my wallet either, which is why I do like shopping at places like Factorie or Cotton On for basics like those I’ve mentioned above. For statement pieces I do tend to look online, but I do tend to find I’m happy with the basics I get from any number of the  Cotton On Group’s stores and they do last several seasons which I love. This is just the start of what I’m hoping will be a super cute and casual spring which will lead into an even more stylish summer. What is on your wishlist for spring/fall fashion (depending where you are) and where do you like to pick up your basics — let me know!

Until next time,
x ac



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