Essence Easy 2 Use Eyeliner Pen Review


It’s currently 5am, and here I am trying a new eyeliner and attempting to review it before I head off to work. This might seem a little crazy, but it seemed like the best time to actually start this review because when we’re talking long-lasting eyeliner, it’s got to mean long-lasting in the world of greasy, oily, hot fast food production. I picked this one up for $5.47 AUD from my local Priceline — I mean for that price, despite the strangeness of the 47 cents, who could say no? That being said, I do love the Boe Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner which is a beautiful round $2 from your local Big W and I was devastated when I accidentally left mine open last week and it dried out — considering my local Big W is a 30 minute drive away this was going to have to step up to the plate. What drew me to this product was the pen style, around here we do not reject convenience and where pen liners are concerned I am all over that. So when I noticed the super-thin style of pen I just about cried. What a beauty — I thought, what grace — and boy was I wrong on both of those counts.

It’s weird how wrong you can be about a product just by looking at the packaging and the style of the wand, because let’s get real for a moment. It’s formula you should be looking for with an eyeliner. You can tip the liquid out of a bottled liner and get into it with a single haired eyeliner brush if that floats your boat, but you can’t replace the formula when it’s not up to scratch, and that’s exactly what I was about to discover when I opened this bad boy up. To start off with, this liner is not pigmented, and to be honest there are only two things I liked about it. I’m not one to write negative reviews usually, but boy did it piss me off that it took what felt like 500 layers to build this up to an acceptable level of pigmentation. The brush itself is fine, in fact it’s better than so many of the brushes I’ve tried on eyeliners, but nothing — or what seems like the most minimal amount of product comes out of them that it leaves you wondering what possessed you to buy it in the first place. So after something of an uphill battle, I just kind of gave up and accepted the muddied messy grey line on the corners of my eyes.

I was going to take photos but it was so pale it hardly showed up. The next step, was to see how it wears throughout my day and you know what at this stage, I’m hoping it stays on because there’s not a lot else going for a supposedly “easy 2 use” product right now and coming back to this at 2.30pm after being on my face for a solid 9 hours not much has changed. It didn’t really go anywhere, and pretty much stayed where I left that pathetic pale line — on top of a base, topped with a high quality shadow (ABH and MAC) — which is your ultimate test really. So I have no concerns on that front. When looking at the product overall, it gets a point for the wand, and a little consideration for the fact that it stayed on despite it not really showing up anyway and loses a total of 4 points for the fact that it was not pigmented, that the products is hard to apply — eg. it’s not fluid enough for the tip to be of as much use as it should be — and that it was just flaky and wrong giving it an overall rating of 1/5. It might seem harsh, but honestly I hate this product, and I hate very few things in my life and wouldn’t recommend purchasing this to anyone looking for something easy to use.

Have you tried any of the Essence eyeliner products — would you recommend them? Let me know!

Until next time,
x ac


3 thoughts on “Essence Easy 2 Use Eyeliner Pen Review

  1. livilovessite says:

    Never heard of this brand before, I don’t know if we have it in the UK, but by the sounds of the review I don’t think it matters all that much! 😛 x


    • acbeauty says:

      I actually love the mascaras and a couple of the shadows from this brand, but I’m increasingly finding they’re a little hit and miss. If you do see them around they are worth checking out, I’d just do some research before buying things XD

      Liked by 1 person

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