Today We Try: MineTan Absolute Foam in Extreme Colour


I’m the the process of filming this weeks YouTube tutorial, and I don’t mention that as a shameless plug for my YouTube channel, but hey while we’re here: click here to subscribe. I mention it because I am getting ready for a university ball, an event we call Prom despite it being vastly different to what most people consider to be a Prom. I was recommended this particular tan considering I have that huge event on tomorrow and apparently, according to the sales assistant in Priceline — this is a superior tan to Bondi Sands. Considering I live and breathe the results Bondi Sands gives me, this tan has a lot to live up to — so without any further ado, today I am trying MineTan Absolute Foam in Extreme Colour. This one is currently on sale for $16.95 (half price!) at Priceline if you’re looking to check it out after reading this review. I also picked out the Jennifer Hawkins J Bronze Luxe Application Mitt for $12 and will be trying that out with this tan so I’ll be mentioning how that holds up in comparison to some of my tried and tested favourites.

As we all know, I have a fairly long relationship with fake tan considering I fall into the incredibly ghost-like shades of pale on the skin tone scale. It doesn’t take a lot of work for me to bronze up with a good fake tan, and what I really liked about this was that you leave it on for a maximum of three hours and according to the amount of time you leave it on, that’s the colour you will tan to, so an hour for a natural tan, two for a deeper tan and three for the darkest. What is also interesting that it is a mixture of green, purple and bronze base so you’re getting a relatively natural tan (or at least this is what I was told) as opposed to that really bronze, dark almost orange type tan. Plus, considering the sales assistant was wearing it and it looked great it was a really easy sell — as far as I was concerned.

As usual, I’ve exfoliated in the shower prior to applying, allowed myself ample time to dry off and have applied a really light layer of moisturizer to the skin around my elbows. Today I’ll only be tanning my upper body and back, as I’ll be wearing a floor length dress tomorrow night and don’t see the point in wasting product. So following the usual procedures I opened it up and got started. It’s a pump which is an immediate plus and the mitt is super soft which made it super easy to apply in a streakless fashion. I also immediately found that the product doesn’t have a scent — literally nothing which, if you desperately hate the smell of fake tan might be something that you want to check out. I also noticed when I applied a little to the mitt that it was a grey colour and left very little colour on my skin, which initially worried me a little. I applied a full layer on both arms, across my chest and left my housemate to the unfortunate task of doing my back. I still seemed grey and a little dismayed. Then I sat around for half an hour and holy shit did I get super dark in that first half hour. I watched as my skin went from a light grey to a dark, bronzed brown and it was then that I was truly impressed.

When I rinsed it, I became of the opinion that this rivals my love of Bondi Sands. This is such a beautiful dark tan and it was achieved in half the time. I didn’t have to sleep in it or wear it for the whole day. I simply showered at 6pm, tanned and rinsed it a little after 9pm and was done. I might touch up a few spots, but overall, I am loving these results, however you will not get to see them until Sunday, when I post the video so be on the look out for my get ready with me video on Sunday! In the mean time I definitely think this product is worth checking out if you’re like me and tend to opt to do your tanning at home and away from the sun. It’s very beautiful, dark and natural above all else. It simply looks as if I’ve been lying in the sun for hours on end and I love it. Definitely one for all you tan fans out there!

Until next time,
x ac


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