September 2016 Favourites!


I feel like it’s a fairly rare month where I fall in love with multiple products, even rarer is the month where I actually have enough products/items to actually make a list. This month covers a large amount of items, from a magazine issue I’ve loved, and have been loving for years now, right through to clothing products that have made my wardrobe just that little more wearable this month. I had every intention of doing one of these each month, but some months I’m just not feeling enough products to make a post about them. However this month I’ve been exceptionally lucky I went away for a relaxing and expensive shopping weekend with Hamish and got a few of these products, and then the others I’ve ever collected over the course of the month or just recently fell in love with all over again and have come to the conclusion that I cannot and will not live without them again.


  • Adidas Superstars: I feel like I’m late to the Superstar party. Way late. Like so late the party is just about to move on the club and leave the house empty and messy, or so to speak. Either way, I picked these up at Platypus for $130, and boy are they amazing to wear. They’re so comfy but so effortlessly easy to style. I’ve been wearing them with dresses and jeans and I’m in love. It was these or a new pair of white converse and I think I made the correct decision. I’ve been loving these all month and I can see myself loving them into the future.
  • elf High Definition Powder: Many, many moons ago, whilst the blog was still young. I reviewed and used this product, and raved about it — this was so many moons ago that I was searching through posts I made in August 2014 and found nothing. Now some time has passed and after finding myself financially not in a position to repurchase my beloved Mineralize Skin Finish from MAC, so I turned back to this and I realised, quite quickly — that I somehow forgot how much I love loose powders. This works so well, and it’s only $13, so until the pay-day fairy comes and delivers that sick pay packet under my pillow, I’ll be sticking to this — and I have absolutely no issues with that.
  • elf Expert Liquid Liner in Midnight: After the Essence Easy 2 Use liner disaster of 2k16 I didn’t think I could regain trust in cheap liners again. Then this came along. For the attractively low price of $6 from my local Kmart this swooped in and reaffirmed my love of liquid liners once more. With a lovely thin brush, this one is capable of producing the thinnest wings possible, and the formula is long-lasting and pigmented — my only complaint is that it’s not waterproof, but otherwise you definitely get what you paid for.
  • Frankie (Issue 73): Where do I even begin to describe my love for this magazine. I’m almost ashamed that I’ve never mentioned them before. A design/art/photography/fashion/travel/music/craft/home/life magazine that’s after my minimalistly styled heart. I buy this each month — and you should too, if only for the interviews with fascinating people ranging from musicians to designers and the funny little reviews, inspiring rants, gut-wrenching stories and design ideas. I find myself leaving these on my coffee table and people always flip through them and there’s a definite personality about them that I love and admire.
  • MAC Lipstick in Faux: I believe I’ve talked about this before, I mean I’ve definitely talked about the MAC lipsticks and how much I love them before. I know that. But whether or not I’ve adequately expressed my love for Faux remains to be seen. This is a gorgeous nude, which I really seem to favour the nudes from MAC seeing as I rave about Velvet Teddy and Viva Glam II — this is just another to add to that list. A beautiful longwearing pink-based nude, this is another one for lovers of nudes with a little something different about them. I’d liken it to Colourpop’s Lumiere except a touch lighter. These tones are all so flattering on my pale skin and I just love wearing them for the long-lasting, highly pigmented formulas. Definitely one to check out if you haven’t already.
  • Bio Oil: I’ve really been loving the results I’ve achieved with this, my skin is feeling hydrated and smooth and I’ve not broken out from applying an oil to my skin, so there’s bonus points up for grabs for that. You can read my more indepth review of this product here!
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream: Sophisticated but somehow still infinitely delicate and beautiful — this is a perfume which is perfect in the way only a Marc Jacobs perfume can be perfect. It wears so beautifully throughout the entire day, and just has the most subtle floral yet sweet fruit-like notes that leave you wanting to wear it every day of the week — but obviously can’t if you’re a poor student like me.
  • Kit Nail Polish in Heidi: I got this at Mecca Maxima last year. It was the birthday gift for members, and I absolutely love it. Retailing for $16 I find these polishes are incredibly pigmented and come in some cute colours. I love that this is a deep oxblood kind of colour and one layer is more than enough to achieve a shiny rich nail colour. It’s been the colour of my weekend’s off work and I find myself coming back to it time and time again because it’s just effortlessly classy and bold all in one bottle.
  • Sportsgirl Velvet Choker: You know what. Now that choker’s are back in, I’m hoping they’re here to stay because I love a good choker and this is not exception. Thick and made of a really soft velvet, this choker compliments my delicate spring fashion choices perfectly, adding that perfect amount of edge to otherwise, simple and delicate looks and I’m all about adding a little edge to my look as you’d all well know.
  • Black and White Chiffon Singlets – Now (Kmart): Retailing for $6, these chiffon singlets are the perfect little shirt to wear with jeans and skirts and can be effortlessly casual or done up to complete a more professional or formal look if need be. I love cheap pieces like this, ones which just come together so simply and often Kmart isn’t really that bad for basics such as this, and let’s put it this way: the material is everything for making these shirts look like they’re worth a lot more than $6.
  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge: Let’s just say, I wasn’t expecting this to rate so highly with me — the queen of the brush and the tools I’ve had for years and nothing else, but here I am a beauty sponge convert. Read my review here!

And there you have it, a month worth of writing, videoing and reviewing condensed into one single, easy to digest post. This month has been so varied in terms of the products I’ve been using and the things I have loved, but somehow I think they accurately reflect spring for me. From the light fabrics, to the white of the Superstars right down to the fruity notes of Daisy Dream — this month has been spring from start to finish — which is a funny and quite silly statement considering it legitimately is the start of spring here in Australia. Either way — this is what I’ve loved this month — so tell me, what have you been loving this September!

Until next time,
x ac


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