MAC x Star Trek – Trip The Light Fantastic – Luna Luster Powder Review

Although, admittedly, I’m not the biggest Star Trek fan around, I found myself drawn to this particular line at MAC. This was in part due to some of the really unique colours available; but also in part due to some of the truly beautiful highlighting and bronzing powders which are available as a result. What drew me to the Trip The Light Fantastic Powders, and in particular the Luna Luster Powder which has been described as a wash of a soft rose shimmer was the marbled surface, I’m big enough to admit that I was sold on the appearance of the marbled surface alone. But I really do love the product itself, I went into MAC thinking I would be walking out with Soft and Gentle, which as most people know, is a cult favourite, and generally known by most to be one of the the must have highlighters. But instead, I walked out with this — so let’s talk about that.

Let’s begin with the price. I won’t lie, this one product cost me more than my Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit — and that’s saying something because it has three huge pans. At $51 AUD the price on this product is particularly steep considering that it’s a single pan of one colour. It’s the kind of price which suggests you have to be really committed to the colour, and be prepared to wear it all the time just to justify it. It seems expensive until we consider that in Australia, it’s roughly the standard price of a MAC powder of any description. It’s also a limited edition collaboration range, which I imagine generally attracts a slightly higher price tag. Usually I wouldn’t have been convinced by it, but there was just something about how it felt and looked on my skin that justified it — and in some ways, it was part of my customary ‘congratulations gurrrrl you finished another year of uni‘ present to myself. Regardless, it’s not cheap, but it’s MAC — can we ever really expect anything else?

I think you get what you pay for with MAC, which is definitely not something you can say of all makeup companies, MAC is a brand that I simply associate with quality and I find that I’m rarely disappointed by anything I purchase from them and this extends right down to the actual formulation of their products. The formula, as expected was really nice, and it certainly felt like something worth the price. The powder is quite silky and soft when applied to the skin, and I found that it sheers out to have almost no colour, or at least appear so until the shimmer picks up the light. And that’s where this product truly shines. It contains not only a light shimmer, but also flecks of a larger gold/pink glitter which are picked up when they pass through the light. I would say my one complaint is that it can feel a little powdery, as it lacks that buttery texture that I have come to associate with highlighters. It’s not particularly a big issue as I set everything with Fix+ but it’s something to bear in mind, but regardless, it still results in that beautiful frost like finish that I really love.

The more I look at the colour of this powder the more I am struggling to pin down exactly what colour I’m looking at. I associate this issue with the fact that it’s not a single colour running through this product but many. When looking closely at the swirls you’ll notice that there’s a pale gold, ivory, a blush/peach type stripe and some darker purples and bronzes swirling through the product, and it’s how these colours all combine when you apply the product that determines the colour it will appear on your skin. I find that it tends to be a little more pink and gold — almost that blush colour that is perfectly on trend this season! It’s beautiful and light, and could replace a blush perfectly if you’re happy having such a bold shimmer on your cheeks. It’s also really beautiful as an eyeshadow if you’re attempting to go for something quite natural. Realistically, with a product this versatile you’re only limited by your imagination.

I feel like the packaging is also worth mentioning. Everything from the metallic circle on the inside, to the Star Trek symbol on the front and the almost galaxy-like or planet surface like swirls are so beautifully space-like, it’s really something unique and very beautiful and definitely something that catches my eye each time I open my makeup drawer! I feel like it’s something that can be said of the whole collection which really has captured elements of the series and turned them into something which can be enjoyed by fans and makeup lovers who’ve never watched it (like me!) alike! So overall, if you see any of these products in your local store, be sure to check them out. This Luna Luster powder is just so beautiful and it looks so natural on my skin despite being something so glittery and so far outside of what I would usually buy. But sometimes change is definitely a good thing!

Have you tried any of the Star Trek products from MAC? What did you think? Let me know below!
x ac


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