What I Eat In A Day – 29/10/16

Considering I’ve been doing a lot in the way of fitness and improving my health recently, I’ve been watching a lot of those ‘What I Eat In A Day’ style videos on YouTube to get some tips and hints about ways to eat healthily and in a way which is easy to manage considering my work schedule right now and my inability to cook each night. Every Sunday I head out to the Supermarket and Fruit and Veg Market to buy everything and I cook it all up and package it into reusable containers which I stack in the fridge in accordance to what meal I intend to eat them for. Considering today is a Saturday and I’m not working, today is a little more relaxed and gave me a little more room to prepare meals and just go at my own pace moreso than I would Monday-Friday. So without further ado, here is what I ate today:



This is a fairly standard breakfast to me, I sometimes will have a smoothie, but if I’m planning on being fairly active/working I really like to have something filling like this. The best thing about this Museli mix is that it contains all of the things that I love but it’s super cheap (like $4 super cheap) which makes it even more delicious. That and I always have a coffee in the morning, I just need a caffeine dose to wake me up, and I’ve found this is probably one of the lower calorie ways of me having it at home short of essentially having it milk-less which isn’t something I’m a fan of.

50g – Woolworths Summer Fruit Museli – 194 Calories
1 – Banana – 99 Calories
1 tsp – Honey – 20 Calories
50g – Light Greek Yogurt – 51 Calories
Sprinkle of Cinnamon

1 tsp – Instant Coffee – 3 Calories
Hot Water
125ml – Unsweetened Almond Milk – 21 Calories

388 Calories



I got this idea from a YouTube video, and it seems odd to some that I’d turn my sushi into a salad, but I tend to find it holds up really well and it’s nice to have a tasty and healthy dressing on it which really freshens the whole thing up; and the bonus is that some weeks I can take what is essentially this recipe, minus the dressing and add a few other elements and actually make a relatively healthy sushi for lunch. But sometimes you just want something a little more easy to cart around, and this fits that role, not to mention it’s super tasty!

1/2 cup – Boiled Brown Rice – 122 Calories
1 – Nori Sheet (Dried) – 5 Calories
1 Cup  – Cucumber (Diced) – 14 Calories
1 – Carrot – 45 Calories
1/2 – Avocado – 113 Calories
1 Clove – Garlic – 4 Calories
1 tsp – Ginger – 1 Calorie
1 tbs – Soy Sauce (Salt Reduced) – 25 Calories
1 tsp – Honey – 20 Calories
Several Drops – Sesame Oil – 16 Calories
1/2 tbs – Chia Seeds – 34 Calories

399 Calories



This low calorie, guilt free ricotta cheesecake from Orna Bakes  makes 3 servings and is incredible for a snack. It takes amazing, and I make a few adjustments to suit my own dietary requirements and to make these look like those delicious little raspberry cheesecakes that are so popular in the cafe at work. Although these taste a little different, more like ricotta than your normal cheesecake, these are so good! I doubled the recipe and have been having one as a snack each day and feel like it’s something to look forward to if I’m craving something sweet! Here’s the recipe I went with including my alterations:

1 cup – Fat Free Ricotta Cheese – 213 Calories
1 – Egg – 73 Calories
1 tsp – Vanilla Extract – 2 Calories
1/4 tsp – Grated Lemon Zest – 3 Calories
2 tbs – Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt – 15 Calories
15 Grams – Rice Malt Syrup – 49 Calories
Pinch salt
250g – Mixed Frozen Berries – 118 Calories 

473 Calories divided by 3 servings, giving you a 157 Calorie snack!



I’ve spoken about how much I’ve loved this turkey taco skillet before, and today is no exception, seeing as it’s had a bit of a write up by me already I’m going to avoid going on about it, but here is the recipe I use with my alterations:

500g – Lean Ground Turkey – 900 Calories
1 – Onion – 43 Calories
1 – Can Diced Tomatoes – 88 Calories
2 tbs – Taco Seasoning – 91 Calories
3 Cups – Kale – 101 Calories
1 tbs – Oil – 148
1 tsp – Lime Juice – 1 Calorie
2 tbs – Spring Onions – 4 Calories
1/2 Cup – Corn Kernals – 56 Calories
1/2 Cup – Chickpeas – 107 Calories
1 Clove – Garlic – 3 Calories
2 tbs – Light Greek Yogurt – 15 Calories (On Top)

1557 Calories divided by 6 serving, giving you a 259.5 Calorie dinner, I then added 1/2 a cup of brown rice giving me a 381.5 Calorie dinner!

And there you have it: What I eat in a fairly standard day. At the moment my Calorie goal is 1500 for the day, coming in at 1325.5 Calories for the entire day I’m really happy with how today has gone! Eating with lower calories doesn’t need to mean that your meals are unappealing or bland, I’m finding these meals are so filling and tasty and the lack of calories isn’t something I’m finding bothers me. It’s about being creative and finding something which works with your budget. Having noticed that my big calorie users are things like oils and my love of turkey I’ll be looking to cut these and replace them with alternatives which are lower in calories but still have the nutrients I want. It’s all about swapping the unhealthy with substitutes which you enjoy and fit the same purpose but have improved nutrient content and have lower the number of calories.

If you have any questions let me know!

Until next time,
x ac


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