MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze Review

So let me start by addressing the elephant in the room. I am no longer hiding under, and although that will redirect to my fancy domain we now have a fancy, money actually paid for this style home on the internet and I feel after almost three years that warrants something of a slight celebration! I feel like I’ve actually achieved something now that my blog has a home, but at the same time part of me can’t stop looking at all the fancy new features I upgraded to alongside it. Either way, this site is now looking like a bit of a construction zone, and just be aware that things might be shuffling around for a few more days to come while I get my barings and work out how to use half the features #noob. Anyway, enough chit chat, onto that review I promised last week. Today, I will be reviewing the MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze Review. This product retails for $39 AUD and I purchased it instore. I was considering something a little darker and with a little shimmer, but as I’ll discuss further down, I ultimately fell in love with this matte beauty.

I want to start by talking about the colour, becuase if you do look into this product, there’s definitely a few mixed reviews out there. This is definitely not a one-swipe wonder, it’s worth noting that this one does take a bit of work to build up the colour you’re looking for, but at the same time, that is also a bonus for me, considering that I’ve found some bronzers tend to go on with far too much ease leaving you looking like a muddy mess. I like that the colour is buildable, although some might see that as a negative point, however I will admit that the work needed to get it up to the colour you want can be rather annoying at times, considering it can look and feel a little heavy on the skin if you apply a little too much. But with the right amount, and a really good based beneath it I’ve found this can feel quite soft and silky on the skin so I’m guessing there’s definitely a few factors at play here. If applied correctly, I feel like this is the colour I dream I’m going to come out in after a healthy dose of spray in a can, but never do. It’s a natural bronze, not too heavy and not too light, somewhere perfectly in between; and I’m guessing if it’s not enough for you, you can build it.

I also love the fact that it’s matte as well — and seeing as that’s somethign quite rare for a bronzer, I mean, I only own the Australis Bronzer, Laguna by NARS and a really large jumbo Sportsgirl Bronzer, all of which are heavy on the golden shimmers and glitter flecks and haven’t seen many matte bronzers around, which to me, makes them a valuable rarity. I also felt like it’s something that was just calling to me from another world which might seem like such a strange thing to say about a bronzer, however it kind of feels right — if that makes any sense ? I just didn’t know I needed this until I found it becuase I’d always felt like a shimmer finish in face products can often leave a rather unnatural appearance when used in large areas, and particularly if you’re taking a large number of photos it can definitely give you more than that desired healthy glow. That’s why I tend to stick with matte products as much as I can and leave the shimmer to the areas I want to draw attention to rather than my (quite sizeable) forehead.

I have noticed recently that blushes and bronzers are among those cheek products which tend not to last in the same way others do. But I have found that this product tends towards the longerlasting side of the scale, I definitely still notice it after 6/7 hours, but it is one of those products that tends to need a bit of a touch up as the day goes on, particularly if you’re running around sweating in a hot environment all day. So the fact that it comes with a mirror and is a compact makes it perfect in terms of design, short of coming with it’s own applicator brush, for taking it with you in your bag. I thought some swatches would be a great addition to this post, because it’s nice to actually see the product on someone else’s skin, and looking back the swatch on my finger was such a stupid way to do it considering it’s such a light colour, but if you look closely I swear it’s on my index finger. I feel like the full face that I’m wearing today is definitely a much more accurate depiction of how it comes out on the skin with a brush; and it’s certainly something I feel reflects the potential of the product moreso than the awful finger swatch I’ve provided.



Overall, I really love this bronzer. I love the beautiful warm tone it leaves on the cheekbones and I love that it doesn’t contain any shimmer, which means it can be used as a contour which is perfect for that whole on the go thing I’ve got going on right now, I forever feel like I’m rushing from one thing to another, and sometimes you just need something that can fit in your clutch/bag which will allow you to touch up your makeup, and this could definitely be that two in one type product. The fact that it’s not dark also makes it perfect for people with fair skin such as myself. This is definitely going to be a bronzer for summer, because really, I’m not in need of something with shimmer considering the collection of highlighters in varying shades that I’ve amassed, instead this will be the perfect bronzer to brush around the borders of my face to warm up my appearance. It’s definitely not the darkest of bronzers, and does tend to be a little on the more work side of things, but I really love the result so I guess I can’t complain too much?

Have you tried this bronzer, or any of the other MAC bronzers? Let me know in the comments section below!

Until next time,
x ac


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