TheBalm: Mary-Lou Manizer First Impressions & Review

This is a product that really, should require no introduction. If I were to mention TheBalm, this honey-hued luminizer is one of the first products many people associate with the brand, that and the Meet Matte Nude Palette which continues to be an enduring favourite in many people’s collections. The problem is, the products can be a little hard to come by here, or at least they were until Target stepped in and started stocking them. I picked this one up from Target for $29.95 AUD, after what felt like I’d been chasing it forever. They’ve had TheBalm’s products in-store for almost half a year but despite this, actually getting your hands on any of the products is an absolute nightmare.If you’re an Australian seeking this one, David Jones also stocks it for the same price, and it might be worth asking at your local target in case, like mine they don’t put out all their stock or seeking it from David Jones, because trust me — this one is a beauty.

Let’s start by discussing the colour. Given it’s shade, it can work as a highlighter, eyeshadow or a general shimmer depending on how you wish to use it. Being a light golden champagne-type colour with an almost warm undertone and a soft, pearly sheen that gives the skin a luminous glow I would go as far as to say that it is extremely similar to the Becca highlighter in Opal, however that comparison comes as having only tried the latter in passing, I’ve not actually placed them up beside one another — but having gotten my hands on this one I’d really like to. It’s not heavy on the glitter, it’s just one of those pure glow type of products which is perfect for summer. I also love that it is highly pigmented so a little is truly going to go a long way and you can build it up, but also blend it out perfectly depending on your preferences . I’ve also noticed that the application of a little lasts for the entire day, whether on the lids or on the cheeks, so you can be guaranteed a long lasting glow which will survive everything from work in a warm environment to a bit of clubbing.

So if you’re looking for something to give you that beautiful all day, dewy glow this may just be the product for you — particularly if you have a lighter complexion such as I do. It’s definitely got the pigment to pack a punch — and despite being at the higher end of prices for highlighters, though admittedly nowhere near as expensive as my previous MAC purchase, this one is definitely worth the money. I will definitely be looking to purchase the others in this line, particularly as they all have a really good reputation and now I can see that quality for myself, I’m looking to expand. It doesn’t help that the packaging is really unique, and the mirror inside the compact is sizeable. It gives you a bit of assurance that if you were to drop it, it might just survive as it has a bit of weight to the package. But that remains to be seen.

Have you tried any of TheBalms Manizer’s? Let me know!
x ac


6 thoughts on “TheBalm: Mary-Lou Manizer First Impressions & Review

    • Ash says:

      Thank you! I really love this one, I’ve been wearing it all week and so many people have asked me what I’ve got on! It’s definitely one to try out! x


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