Empties! Empties! Empties!


Hello beauties! Today I bring to you my version of an empties video but you know in text form. Which is handy because this post is going to be filled which links to my original reviews and posts on the products. There’s quite a few things which have been rolling around in my empties container so this list is going to be quite large but considering this week is going to be quite hectic, this might be my only post for the week because spoiler alert (I got accepted into a graduate program for Clinical Microbiology) and I have a heap of documents to sort out for that. I’m hoping to have another ‘What I Ate Today’ post and potentially another makeup look this week, but don’t hold me to that! Without further ado, here is my long overdue empties post!

  • Ocean Salt – LUSH and Ocean Salt – Self Preserving – LUSH – I have one of both formulas one of which (the latter) I’ve reviewed here. I find that this is a little too harsh on my skin at the moment, what with the Roaccutane and all, but usually this is my go to body scrub, just at the moment I tend to be favouring Frank or something a little more gentle on the skin while it’s so sensitive, but this one is great! I may not be repurchasing it straight away, but I will eventually repurchase the self-preserving formula.
  • Retread – LUSH – I’ve been repurchasing this for years since I first mentioned it: here. I absolutely love how it leaves my hair feeling after I’ve used it as a mask and it’s one of my favourite LUSH products, and one that I will continue to repurchase.
  • Rose Jam – LUSH – I cry everytime I realise this is a Christmas special and I’ve run out months before Christmas. I cry, one more before I can get it again, one more month until I can stock up for another year to come.
  • Dark Angels – LUSH – This one is a little hard on my skin right now, don’t get me wrong, I love it — but I won’t be purchasing it again for the time being for the same reasons as Ocean Salt.
  • Angels on Bare Skin – LUSH – I had a lot of feelings on this one. I got given this for my birthday and I probably wouldn’t buy another, but hey, if I get given LUSH I’m not going to ignore it.
  • Fix+ – MAC – If there was anything on this list that required no introduction whatsoever it’s this bad boy. Fix+ is a staple of my collection, something I’ve loved for years and still hold up as the ultimate in setting sprays simply for the fact that it brings everything together absolutely perfectly. Let’s be real there were like 5 of these in the container, and there will endlessly be more.
  • Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium – MAC – I love this product, but at the moment I’m using the ELF HD Setting Powder which I love, and while I do love the MAC setting powders and foundation powders, this one is a little too dark for me right now and I’m aware that they are quite expensive, so for the time being while I’m saving I won’t be repurchasing this one. I might eventually, although this isn’t my favourite of the MAC powders.
  • Fit Me Shine-Free and Balance in 110 – Maybelline* – I don’t think I ever got around to reviewing this product. A sales assistant recommended it to me, telling me it was what she was wearing, and I have to say that would almost have to be the biggest lie ever told considering she had a full coverage foundation and this was light at best. This isn’t even empty, it’s just disappointing and I won’t be repurchasing it.
  • Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 103 – Rimmel – This is my holy grail drugstore foundation , in fact I use it most days if I’m looking for good coverage but don’t want an excessive price tag, plus it’s sometimes good to switch things up a little. I have a whole review on this one here. I’ve already repurchased this product, twice over.
  • easy 2 use Eyeliner – essence* – I didn’t so much as finish this, but rather, hated it so much that I simply threw it into my empties container. After writing something of a scathing review of this one a few months ago, I think it’s fairly safe to say I would not recommend this product to anyone and will not be repurchasing it.
  • Master Precise Eyeliner – Maybelline – I’ve not purchased one of these in quite some time, and I’m not even sure how long this has been rolling around in the bottom of my empties container. I love this, it’s one of the best eyeliner pens which you can purchase from the drugstore, however, I do love the ELF one I’m using currently and I find it’s easier to create a bold wing with that product so I might stick to it for a while so I won’t be repurchasing it for the time being.
  • Aye Aye Captain Eyeliner – w7 – My original eyelining love, an oldie but something of a goodie if you like supercheap drugstore liners. I probably won’t be buying this one again, but you know it had a really great run in my makeup collection and it’s certainly not a bad product by any stretch of the imagination. It stays on and gets the job done and that’s all I could have asked for when I was starting out with my makeup collection.

Let’s not forget that quite a few brands do an empties return program, MAC and LUSH among those — so it’s always worth checking those out and keeping hold of so many empties. For every 6 empties you take to MAC you get a regular lipstick and for every 5 you return to LUSH I believe you recieve a free fresh face mask. So, what empties have you got lying around and what would you repurchase out of those — let me know in the comments section below!

x ac


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